Chechen War Veterans Ready to Fight For Ukraine in Donbas

amira abueva

Amina Okueva, snapshot

Experienced Chechen war veterans that took part in warfare in Chechnya and the Middle East are opposing Russian imperialism and offer Ukraine their support.

“In this world there are many people who are ready to fight against Russian imperialism, or in other words are ready to support Ukraine as a peacekeeping battalion,” said Amina Okueva, a representative of the organization “Volniy Kavkaz” [Free Caucasus].

She also noted that about a thousand war volunteers are ready to stand by Ukrainians at any time; however there is no law in Ukraine that would allow the formation of foreign battalions. Okueva stated that she would like to see this issue resolved.

According to her, the organization consists of people that were wounded during the first war between Chechnya and Russia and later immigrated. It includes citizens of Turkey as well as various European countries. They have warfare experience as well as desire to oppose the Imperialist Russia.


Translated by Olena Khomenok


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8 thoughts on “Chechen War Veterans Ready to Fight For Ukraine in Donbas

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    • Matti Istanmaki…Dangerous politics??? What Russia is doing to Ukraine isn’t dangerous politics?…And who’s coming to Ukraine’s aid?….I don’t see NATO, Europe, or America do nothing but talk. In the meantime, a foreign army invades Ukraine everyday and what can Ukraine do? Yes, let the chechans in…..they’ve suffered enough under Putin and their own criminals. Russia killed Chechans like dogs…both women and children.

    • Yes, Ukrainians have spoken! There can’t be one rule for Russia (do whatever it pleases with impunity) while everyone else (Ukraine) must refrain.

  3. Yes, think carefully. This will lead you to recognize those who know best exactly what is at stake, having experienced it themselves. Thinking will also allow one to recognize the seriousness of fighters who, based on their beliefs, come to defend others, rather than take money to go kill, kidnap, rob and terrorize civilians.

    People all over the world recognize that Ukraine is the current frontline in a battle of fundamentally opposed ideologies: a belief in the rule of law and the right to have a government by, of, and for the People, opposing a belief that there are no inalienable rights, only power, and the governed exist only to serve and further the desires of the powerful. Laws and agreements in this ideology are observed only for so long as they serve those in power. When they become a hindrance, they are abandoned. Those of us who firmly believe in freedom and self-determination feel a powerful pull to go help those struggling to break free of this ideology of slavery. There are people from many countries helping Ukraine both on the ground and from afar. Ideas are powerful uniters.

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