On the Current Situation in Ukraine

On the Current Situation in Ukraine

Voices of Ukraine

By Stanislav Rechynskyy
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

All of these Girkins, Borodai‘s and other scum will eventually melt away back to Russia. And we will have to live with everything that has happened. With all of our dead. With our soldiers and our ‘vatniks.’ And if the Girkins had not come here, the ‘vatniks’ would have lived here until a ripe old age voting for various Dobkins; and no-one would have killed them for it. There are many people in this world who have ants in their brains. Kyiv citizens voted for Chernovetskyi twice; did anyone kill them for it? No-one would have killed the ‘vatniks’ either. But then the Girkins came. The posers and the mercenaries, the political strategists and the military experts. And seduced the ‘little ones,’ the ‘sorrowful souls;’ but still our own fellow citizens, brothers and sisters. Scared them…

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