Pro-Russian Local Terrorists Near Donetsk Ask to Join Ukraine’s Anti-Terrorist Operation

Obozrevatel, June 8, 2014

Pro-Russian local terrorists near Donetsk would like to join the ranks of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO): they want to clear Donbass together with ATO from Russian mercenaries.

Journalist Andrey Bulgarov posted in his FB account with reference to a source that a group of terrorists at a Ukrainian military checkpoint near Donetsk asked to join the servicemen of the ATO.

“A group of nine people came to one of our security forces checkpoint near Donetsk, all bearing arms. They came out with raised hands and confirmed that they are local militants of the so-called people “Donetsk People’s Republic” (DNR). They refused to lay down their arms and asked to join the ATO. According to them, the outrageous lawlessness of Russian mercenaries was ‘the last straw’ for them” Andrey Bulgarov reports.  “They also said that they took part in an armed confrontation, and are ready to bear responsibility before the law, but now they want to clear up Donbass from the scum that invaded Ukraine together with the regular troops” he wrote.

Andrey Bulgarov quoted the militants, who informed that a serious riot is rising in the ranks of the DNR. “Yesterday’s announcement of the President of Ukraine about the ceasefire and amnesty to militants played an Important role in undermining their ‘orderly ranks’. As I understand my source’s words, the command decided to send DNR militants to the front line, so as to wash their shame away with blood,” concluded the journalist.

In Facebook comments to journalist’s post, users say that in such a way the ranks of the Ukrainian army may be infiltrated by spies.

Source: Obozerevatel. June 8, 2014

Translated by Vitalii Usenko, edited by Alya Shandra


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3 thoughts on “Pro-Russian Local Terrorists Near Donetsk Ask to Join Ukraine’s Anti-Terrorist Operation

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  2. Oh dear when does all this insanity stop. Putin stop this insanity in Ukraine now. You have used the people enough. Kiev…no more killing. Talk to Putin…tell him to stop.

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