The Western Choice of the Russian Government

Aisen Tacho, April 25th 2014

It was noticed a while ago that the children of our patriotic governors live and study in the West. Parents send their children to live in the West, buy property there, send money there, and even have dual citizenship… All this happens for one simple reason: they despise Russia, her people, and they have long since given up on the country they rule. The list of Russian governor`s children who live practically permanently in the West is huge, and I will give just a few examples.


I will briefly list the family members of Russian governmental officials and the places where they live.

1. President V. Putin’s family

Very little is known about the President`s family, considering their private lifestyle. He was married, then divorced. In the early 90s, Putin returned to Leningrad [St. Peterburg] and sent his daughters back to Germany to study in the prestigious German gymnasium Peterschule. They came back to Russia in the mid-90s, and moved to Moscow in 1996. But even here his daughters did not leave the German path. Their German School of Moscow is now situated in Embassy City on Vernadskiy Prospect, ringed by a fence and video cameras, with the inscription “Achtung!” everywhere. In the early 2000s, both of Putin’s daughters were officially registered as students of St.Petersburg State University, but no one ever saw them there. It is known that youngest daughter Yekaterina lives permanently in Munich, Germany. In 2013, Yekaterina Putina reportedly married Yoon Joon-won (a Korean).

Wedding of Katerina Putina and Yoon Joon-won Source:

According to some sources the wedding ceremony was held in a Morocco hotel, and was grand in scope. Older daughter Mariya lives in the Netherlands, in the city of Voorschoten, which is close to The Hague. She does not live alone, but with 33-year-old Dutchman Joritte Faassen. The couple lives in the Krimwijk Heet area. Mariya Putina lives in a luxury building, where she occupies the penthouse on the top floor. Both of Putin’s daughters often in Italy at the invitation of Silvio Berlusconi, Putin’s family friend. More about Putin’s family:

2. The Family of Premier-Minister Dmitry Medvedev

Medvedev is married to Svetlana Linnik; who is thought to be related to Yevgeniya Vasilyeva – a suspect in the Oboronservis criminal case. Vasilyeva herself is the daughter of Vasilyev, one of St.Petersburg’s criminal authorities. President Medvedev awarded her the Order of Merit in January 2012. Dmitry Medvedev has a son, Illya Medvedev. Currently he is studying  in Russia, but in a public interview he said that he will continue his studies at the University of Massachusetts in the United States.

3. Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov’s family
The only daughter of Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov, Yekaterina, lives and studies in the United States. She graduated from Columbia University in New York and plans to stay in the US permanently.

4. Duma [Russian Parliament] Deputy Speaker Sergei Zheleznyak’s family

The three daughters of Deputy Speaker Sergei Zheleznyak are studying abroad. Yekaterina is in an elite Swiss school (students’ annual fees are 2.4 million rubles [about USD 70,000] from grade 6 to 12). Anastasiya is studying at a University in London (student annual fees are 630,000 rubles [about 20,000 USD]). The youngest, Lisa, currently lives in London as well. Interestingly, the “patriot and sailor” Zheleznyak declares an income of 3.5 million rubles while spending 11 million rubles annually on his children’s education in Western schools.

5. Duma Deputy Speaker Alexander Zhukov’s family

His son, Pyotr Zhukov, studied in London and even landed in jail there. Zhukov Junior participated in a drunken brawl and was sentenced to 14 months in prison.

6. The family of Duma Deputy Speaker Sergey Andenko

His daughter is living and studying in Germany.

7. The family of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak

The oldest son of Vice Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, Alexei, has lived abroad for at least six years and is in the construction business. He is a co-owner of several foreign companies, such as Red, McBrite, and Yuna. He also works in the governmental group VTB. Alexi Kozak’s younger brother, Alexandr, works for Credit Suisse. This year, German and US officials accused the Swiss bank of helping highly-ranked clients evade taxes. The investigation is ongoing.

8. The family of Duma deputy Alexander Remezkov, “Yedinaya Rossiya” faction

The older Remezkov son, Stepan, recently graduated from Valley Forge Military Academy and College in Pennsylvania (annual fee is about 1.3 million rubles [USD 40,000]). The deputy’s son studied in the program for US Army officers (!!!). Then Stepan enrolled in the private Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY. The deputy’s middle son, Nikolay, has been studying since 2008 in Great Britain, at the private school Malvern College. And his youngest daughter lives in Vienna, where she does gymnastics. Masha Remezkova represented Team Austria (!!!) in children’s competitions in Ljubljana.

9. The family of Deputy Vyacheslav Fetisov

His daughter Anastasia grew up and studied in the United States. She never learned to read and write in Russian.

10. The family of  Russian Railways head Vladimir Yakunin

The children and grandchildren of the “main Russian patriot”, Russian Railways head Vladimir Yakunin, live abroad, in England and Switzerland. His son, Andrei Yakunin, studied and lived for a long time in London; and is currently working in Russia and the UK as an investor in a British-registered firm. Since 2009, Yakunin Junior has been the head and co-owner of British investment сompany Venture Investments & Yield Management (VIYM), which deals with development projects in St. Petersburg. Andrei Yakunin is an owner of Moscow hotel Marriott Courtyard, which is built on land adjacent to the Paveletsky station. At present, his permanent residence is his house in London, bought for 4.5 million pounds [about 7.6 million USD] in 2007 and registered offshore in Panama. Another of Yakunin’s sons, Victor, lives in Switzerland, where he owns luxury real estate. The RZhD head’s grandsons are also studying in prestigious educational institutions in those countries.

11. The family of Pavel Astahov  

The older son of Pavel Astahov, who is Russia Children Rights Representative, studied in Oxford and the Department of Economics at New York University. His younger son was born in Cannes, in a rented villa.

12. The family of E. Mizulina, State Duma deputy from “Spravedlivaya Rossiya” faction

My grandchildren will not live by my laws. The live in Belgium. It is your children and grandchildren that will live by my laws.

This main fighter for traditional orthodox values has a son, Nikolai. Nikolai first studied in Oxford, where he obtained the diploma and then he chose to live in Belgium, where same-sex marriages are legalized. Today he works in Belgium in a large international law firm, Mayer Brown. It is totally unclear, how Yelena Mizulina, the Chairman of Duma Committee of  Family, Women and Children questions, left her own son in such grave “gay-danger”?! She probably spent so much time caring about the people that she forgot about her own son…

13. N.Valuyev, Duma deputy from the “Yedinaya Rossiya” faction
His wife spends the summers in his house in Spain, where his children and parents also live pretty much permanently. Sometimes they also live in Germany.

14. The family of A. Yakunin, the State Duma deputy from CPRF (Communist Party of Russian Federation)

The head of Solnechnogorskiy region, CPRF member Alexandr Yakunin told the following in his pre-election leaflets about his family: “My daughter studies in school, my wife is a successful economist, and my son is a student of the Physical Education Institute… We like to to gather for a cup of tea together…” However, the leaflets did not state where exactly Yakunin’s family lives. Meanwhile, his wife indicates Nizza as her place of residence in social networks. His sone Mikhail writes that he lives in Ontario [Canada]. His daughter lives with her mom and indicates English as her main language. By the way, on Cote d’Azur we also found a villa belonging to Nizhegorod major Oleg Sorokin. More precisely, it belongs to his wife.

15. The family of A. Vorontsov, State Duma member, CPRF

The daughter of communist Vorontsov, Anna, lives in Italy. She came there from Germany, where she was studying before. Now she studies in Milan University. Vorontsov himself blames the West with foam at his mouth, but meanwhile he pays thousand hundreds of Euros for his daughter’s education in Milan.

16. The family of Yelena Rahova, State Duma deputy from “Yedinaya Rossiya” faction

Yelena Rahova, famous for calling Leningradians that lived under the [German] blockade [during WWII] for less than 120 days “insufficiently blockaded”, has a daughter living in the USA. Polina Rahova graduated from the faculty of International Relations in St.Petersburg State University and then moved to New York.

17. The family of B. Gryzlov, a member of the Security Council.

Eugenia, the daughter of Boris Gryzlov, a former State Duma speaker and one of the “Yedinaya Rossiya” founders that is currently a member of the Security Council, lives in Tallin. She recently got Estonian citizenship.

18. Andrey Fursenko’s family

The former Minister of Education, Andrey Fursenko, who introduced EGE [United State Examination] in the country, hid from the public for a long time that his children studied abroad. Today his son Alexander permanently lives in USA.

19. The family of V.Nikonov (Molotov’s grandson), the president of the “Politica” foundation

His son Aleksey is an American citizen. And how has the name of this mister become famous in Russia? That’s right! In “Anti-Magnistskyi act”, which forbades adoption of [Russian] children by US citizens.

Here is another small list of officials that have property or families abroad:

The Property and Lands of Government Officials (source)


Name Position Country Apartment area (sqm) House area (sqm) Land area (sqm)
Pavel Maslovskiy Amur Oblast Senator Italy 1050 4300
Vitaliy Malkin* Buryatiya Senator Italy 2198 226280
Alexander Khloponin** Vice-prime minister, president political representative in the North Caucausus Federal District Italy 818 8224
Andrey Molchanov* Leningradskaya Oblast senator Italy 899 5211
Andrey Sharonov* Moscow vice-major, Economical policy questions Italy 177
Oleg Efremov Ryazansk Oblast Senator Italy 300 1529
Efim Malkin Chukotka Autonomy Senator France 300 4043
Lev Kuznetsov** Krasnoyarsk Kray Governor France 109 180 3385
Sergey Bazhanov** Ulyanovsk Oblast Senator France 110 650
Andrey Klishas Krasnoyarsk Kray Senator Switzerland 432 543
Vyacheslav Fetisov*** Primorsk Kray Senator USA 220 1200 20000
Sergey Cheremin* Minister of Moscow government Israel 416 581
Nikolay Valuyev* State Duma Deputy Germany 153 470
Vladimir Pligin* State Duma Deputy Bulgaria 171 500
Vasiliy Kichedzhy* St.Petersburgh Deputy governor Bulgaria 262
Alexandr Muzykantskiy* Human rights representative in Moscow Montenegro 440 1500
Michail Kopeikin* Vice-chairman, board member of Vnesheconombamk Montenegro 76 415
Victor Fabisovich Auditor of Moscow’s Control and Audit Office Montenegro 76 800
Nikolay Loktionov Hakasiya Republic Deputy Governor Montenegro 73 460
Andrey Makarov** State Duma deputy Spain 318 2915
Remarks:* – the property is owned by the spouse**- the property is shared with  the family*** – shared property with the child**** – the property partially belongs to a spouse, and partially to an official


This is the shortest list. There are thousands, if not even tens of thousands, children and grandchildren [of Russian government officials] that live in the Western world. Our list contains the most odious “patriots” and “enemies of the West”, who have placed their own families in the “enemy’s den”. Their children study and work in the Western world, they barely have any connection with Russia. Their parents chose this path for them. Their parents being the President, Prime Minister, Vice Prime Ministers, Ministers, deputies, etc. They despise Russia and her people, and see the future of their children as well as their own future in the West, where they have prepared everything for their retirement.

With such a hypocritical government Russia does not have a future.

Translated, factchecked, and edited by EuromaidanPR

Source:, photos from 


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  1. Other Russian citizens, including judges and lawyers,, are forbidden to even travel outside the borders of the Russian Federation.

  2. Interesting that only 10% of the Russian population even have a foreign passport, and most of these only travel to Greece or Turkey. A big secret that needs to be exposed to the general population. One rule for us, and another for the rest.

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