Klitschko’s First Moment of Shame

By Serhiy Leshchenko, June 10 2014, 00:19

Vitaliy Klitschko has not even spent a week as mayor, but he has already discredited himself. He appointed as his chief advisor, or head of his advisors group, a certain Ihor Nikonov.

This person is not familiar to ordinary readers. I’ll explain: he is one of the most aggressive developers in Kyiv, someone who directly says that he dreams of building a skyscraper in Kyiv that he saw in New York some time ago. Moreover, Nikonov is a partner of Dmitriy Firtash and Vagif Akiev and the godfather and nearest neighbor to Serhiy Lyovochkin. The Klitschko brothers got acquainted with Nikonov since he worked together with Ihor Bakay and the brothers were under the roof of the gas oligarch. 

As a Kyivan, I have a private bone to pick with Nikonov because I will never forgive him the distortion of my native city.

Namely, Nikonov is the developer of the absolutely disgusting house, by its façade, at Slava Square.

Kyiv’s developers are incapable of involving the architects of Jean Nouvel’s and Herzog & de Meuron’s level but they are guided by the fever of development and they deprive this city of esthetics by developing it with multi-storey houses in the pursuit of every square meter that can be easily transformed into cash.

This is Nikonov’s monster on the photo from the left near one more monstrous multi-storey house at Hrushevskiy 9-a.

The house at Slava Square is called Diamond Hill. It was built on the site of a kindergarten. It was planned at first as a 9 storey building but 21 were built because every new storey is tens of millions dollars from the apartments sold.

Nobody was interested that this prosthesis would be seen from every point on the left bank will remain as a reminder of the pseudo-elite who took the reins in the city and its acres at the edge of the millennium.

“I would achieve nothing without ties in the US. I would be the owner of 3 gas stations as a maximum,” Nikonov confessed in his interview with Forbes.  Now his “ties” are governing Kyiv and his dream of a New York skyscraper may come true.

It is hard to be envious of the great boxer’s situation. He has not got the slightest notion of how to govern the city. And he will not manage to change the city for the year and half that is left to the next local elections and he will not be able to make someone guilty for the failure.

The total majority of UDAR at the Kyiv Council would become his curse. He will be personally responsible for the “Kyiv dream” failure.

Klitschko thought that Kyiv could be the starting point to his rise. In fact, it may be an end of his political career. And he’s been moving in that direction.

The original text with photos is on Ukrayinska Pravda at http://blogs.pravda.com.ua/authors/leschenko/539624fb80386/

Translated by en.pravda.com.ua


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9 thoughts on “Klitschko’s First Moment of Shame

  1. First off, this isn’t a time to publicly start ‘knit-picking’ on Klichko, his choices, and/or anyone who’s come into power after much needed change of political team in the Ukraine. Hold your horses, and drop the negativity, scrutiny & BS criticism! Stay united & support each other! Work out BS ‘architectural disagreements’ after dust will settle in, please! Putler want Ukraine to fail; the entire world is counting on Ukraine to win, so focus on priorities vs bickering bulshitt! And get it together, people!!!

    • Paris I so agree with you this isn’t the time to nit-pick be true to each other. Form a committee and make sure plans for the architecture are approved by other architics and a city council and people with good taste. But, don’t bicker…in america, our city council is involved with these things. If you want a certain look for Kiev than make a plan get lots of citizens behind you and present to city council…sometimes people win sometimes they lose. That’s the way democracy works.

  2. I agree with both these comments. Stay focused and get the show on the road. Stop whining and criticizing one another even before you’ve had a chance to do anything. Cut the bullshit and get on with it already. Move forward.

  3. That`s not fair! Anti-Corruption is much more important.

    I think that architecture is just one of Kyjivs many problems.

    Mayor Vitalij Klitschko should get a real chance to prove himself.

  4. Bit need of some young bright Architects and some plan oligarchs, do you know the words: stylish architect, good look and possible nature friendly 🙂

  5. I agree with this article. Some of the developers have destroyed parts of Kiev in their lust for cash. They should be stopped by the mayor, not in bed with him!

  6. Same is true in Brazil too! These same kind of greedy people made our city landscape very ugly!Full of tall and horroble buildings! I agree with all the people above! Ukraine has everything to be successfull now! But the guy has a point! Every time there is new democracy, vultures always try to take advantages! That´s what destroyed Ukrainian and even Russian newly born democracies years ago!! That incredible Greed of that same mafia well known to us all!

  7. Wait – we are criticizing politicians based off of differences in opinion on architectural aesthetics? That’s great – that must mean Ukraine hasn’t anything else to worry about.

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