Putin advisor Sergei Glazyev suggested hitting the Ukrainian army to prevent it getting stronger

Russian presidential advisor Sergei Glazyev proposes that Russia strike the Ukrainian army to prevent it from getting stronger.

A UNIAN correspondent in Russia reports that Sergei Glazyev said during a roundtable in Moscow, “I recall the words of Churchill: whoever, choosing between shame and war, chooses shame, gets war and shame at the same time. This modern war. This does not mean that we need to move our tanks in Kyiv, but we at least have the right to stop the genocide of the population,” he said.

“It’s enough to close the sky and use the same mechanism of suppression of military equipment which was used by the US in Libya. The US initially closed the sky, then shot armored vehicles, artillery, aviation from the air. This way the US rendered the regime with which they fought incapable of combat. We still have the opportunity to do so now, but within six months, such an opportunity will not be possible,” said Sergei Glazyev.

He alleges that the Ukrainian authorities have set a course of militarization and mobilization of the population against Russia. “Look at the dynamics—in December 2013, the Nazis had two thousand people in Kyiv. In February 2014, 20 thousand; in May 2014, 50 thousand, together with servicemen. By midsummer there will be 100 thousand; in September 2014, 200 thousand, and by the end of the year they will put 500 thousand people under the gun,” said Sergey Glazyev, adding that Ukraine is reactivating military equipment.

“We will get a powerful war machine directed against us, loaded with Nazis and ideologically charged against Russia … The ultimate goal of all these actions is war against Russia. We cannot, losing the Donbas, keep the peace, as the next target which is declared is Crimea,” he said.

Translated by Vitalii Usenko, edited by Robin Rohrback


Советник Путина предложил ударить по украинской армии, чтобы не дать ей окрепнуть (УНИАН)

Радник Путіна запропонував вдарити по українській армії, щоб не дати їй зміцніти (УНІАН)

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3 thoughts on “Putin advisor Sergei Glazyev suggested hitting the Ukrainian army to prevent it getting stronger

  1. It might have been funny if he wasn’t in a position of power and a lot of people believe every word he says. There’s an inflation in the brand of Nazism it seems. It’s like the rapist accusing the victim of being a rapist. It’s interesting how the violater is able to play the victim with a straight face and no sign of embarrassement.

  2. Mr Glaziev should be content with the enormous damage his criminal regime has already wreaked in Ukraine. At this point, I believe that a Russia Federation that overtly attacks Ukraine, after all that has happened to bring the world here to this point, should expect to be smashed like an old can economically, and fall into its component parts within two years. I think Putin is finally beginning to see the extent to which Russia will be scuttled if he persists. His criminal behavior has taken us all a bit by surprise, as we are slow to anger, and foolishly generally believe in the goodness of others by default, but the forces against him are gathering and coalescing, and I think he’d be wise to quietly step back. If the Russian government thinks that the taking of Crimea was some showcase of their “new” military might and capability, when the Ukrainian defenders were forbidden to fire on them but they still felt the new to hide behind women and children, they will want to avoid any need for a demonstration of what modern warfare really looks like.

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