Two weeks held captive by terrorists

Two weeks held captive by terrorists

Voices of Ukraine

Maria Lebedeva Maria Lebedeva

By Maria Lebedeva
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
All photos by Maria Lebedeva

Milana was held captive for 14 days. She seems to be smiling at all times, but in reality she suffers from severe headaches, she cannot look at the light. She is constantly short of breath. During her capture, Milana was constantly beaten and injected with unknown substances, and her arms bear signs of the injections. There, in the torture room, she saw other captives, the men who were called the “Right Sector” (just like Milana) by the kidnappers. Their fate is unknown at the present moment.

The young woman is a professional photographer, a concerned citizen. This winter, she came to Maidan, like so many other Ukrainians. She came to Donetsk to talk to locals and “see everything with her own eyes.” On May 5, she was grabbed in downtown Donetsk and…

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