Ukraine not ready for EU or NATO, French Foreign Minister says


Laurent Fabius

Laurent Fabius, the Foreign Minister of France:

  • “EU is not ready to provide EU membership to Ukraine”.
  • “Nobody wants Ukraine in NATO”
  • Should Vladimir Putin return to the G8?”

Source: – i-Télé. – June 7, 2014

Laurent Fabius, the Foreign Minister of France, granted an exclusive interview to i-Télé on his way back from the inauguration of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Saturday, June 7th, 2014.

According to Fabius, there is no agreement in Europe with Poroshenko’s thesis that the signing of an association agreement should be the first step towards full membership of Ukraine in the EU.

Speaking on the French channel i-Télé on Saturday, June 7, Fabius said that during his inauguration, the new president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko “made a very pro-European speech,” although the European Union is not yet ready to take in Ukraine. In his view, EU countries do not share Poroshenko’s thesis that an association agreement with the EU will be the first step towards full membership,

Geographically, Ukraine is in Europe, but the country “must maintain good relations with both the EU and with Russia,” he stressed. At the same time, Fabius expressed the hope that the inauguration of Poroshenko and his brief meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Normandy can be the beginning of a de-escalation in Ukraine, AFP reported, June 8.

 “Nobody wants Ukraine in NATO”

In his exclusive interview with i-Télé, Laurent Fabius spoke of Barak Obama’s opposition to the sale of the French Mistral frigates to Russia. The Minister confirmed that as an “independent nation,” France will certainly deliver the ships to Russia, as expected. He also responded to Putin’s concerns about NATO, asserting that “nobody wants Ukraine to enter NATO — not the United States, not Europe, and not even Ukraine. “Moreover, contrary to the U.S. position, Laurent Fabius believes that there is no question regarding the recognition of Poroshenko. “It is obvious that Vladimir Putin has already recognized the Ukrainian president,” he said.

Would you like to see Ukraine in the EU?

No, Fabius replied. “Poroshenko says that the association agreement marks the first step towards EU membership, but when I talk about it with my European partners, there is no majority in favor today. It’s very clear.”

Should Vladimir Putin return to the G8?

The head of French diplomacy believes it is too early to reinstate Russia in the G8, from which it has been expelled. According to Fabius, it was “beneficial that the G8 became the G7. He thinks that “President Putin is trying to move forward, and we must erect barriers if we don’t want him to advance on territories we consider unacceptable.” However, Fabius qualified his statement by adding that one should not “declare war on Russia.” “Diplomacy must make its way between these two boundaries,” he concluded.

Compiled by Vitalii Usenko

Editing: Anna Mostovych


Fabius /Ukraine : “le début d’une désescalade possible”

МИДФранции: ЕСещенеготовпринятьУкраинувсвойсостав

Laurent Fabius : “il était bénéfique que le G8 devienne G7”


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11 thoughts on “Ukraine not ready for EU or NATO, French Foreign Minister says

  1. Fabius is right (except for the Mistrals). Anybody thinking that NATO wants Ukraine as a member must be nuts (that include Russians and Ukrainians alike). First of all Russia has annexed Crimea, which Ukraine still considers Ukrainian (together with most of the world). The minute NATO would admit Ukraine, it would have to invade Russia. How unrealistic is that ?

    NATO’s aim is to protect peace among its members, and to deter hostile actions. It cannot invite a country which is already at war with its neighbour.

    • Wait….you sound like Ukraine invaded Russia rather than the other way around? Ukraine has absolutely no protection against Russia’s aggression. Do you think that’s alright what Russia has done to Ukraine? You have no shame sir. I wish Ukraine would have kept their nukes so they wouldn’t need help from anyone. That would have kept Russia in its place. Good luck France when Putler invades you …don’t scream for American help. I wouldn’t spend one plug nickel on your crappy country.

      • Sandy,
        I appreciate your fervor, but I don’t think you are being fair to Robert. What he says about NATO is more in the realm of a clarification of the situation, and its accurate, as far as I know. He’s not justifying Putin in any way. But NATO is indeed a defensive organization of nations mutually pledged to a common defense, who all bring benefit to the other members by joining. It is not an organization set up to defend small or defenseless nations, nor to uphold the rule of international law. That’s the UN. And I think it’s time we begin discussing how to remove Russia from the UN Security Council, as this is a position of serious power, and Russia has shown itself to be a very bad steward of any power it can ever get its hands on. Or at least we have to change the rules of the security council to disallow voting on an issue by any nation that has a clear conflict of interest, as determined by majority vote.

        As for the Mistral sale, its to the point that words fail; does France somehow think that the sale of the warships will create enough revenue to offset the cost of then defending themselves and their allies against them? If NATO has to stand against Russian aggression, or even just significantly upgrade its presence, this will cost a fortune, and France will have to contribute. Perhaps they should be ejected from NATO for collaborating with the enemy?

    • Honestly, hold your breath the minute a strong American President gets into office….Russia better watch out…What has NATO done to protect peace in Ukraine. Nothing!!!!! Russia invades, kills, lies about Ukraine and what has NATO done???? Absolutely nothing!!! Why do you think Putler is doing this? Just because he can. He knows western europeans are a bunch of sniveling cowards.

  2. That little French pipsqueek….They are immoral bunch of theives. what they’re doing ought to be criminal. Ukraine…go your own way forget the Europeans…their arrogance and their elitism. Stick with America…They’ve shown you more friendship than any of your neighbors.. France will never get my American tourist or my wine and cheese dollars again. Everyone please boycott France. Ukraine you don’t have to put up with western European humiliation. You must see by now they are back stabbing,immoral jerks I will encourage all Americans and Canadians to boycott all French and German products. I know I certainly will.

  3. “You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.” (c) Churchill

  4. When did the french start representing all of Europe? They never have, they never will. As a Scandinavian, I would be less inclined to judgement of the french hadn’t they confirmed their intention of going ahead with the sale of the war ships, specially considering the circumstances. At least the germans sit still when they’ve stepped into the salad, although inaction is a type of action too, and sometimes with very long term negative conesquences.

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