EYEWITNESS: Muslims of Ukraine

EYEWITNESS: Muslims of Ukraine

Voices of Ukraine

By Rayana Volha Charnykh
05.24.2014  Facebook
Translated and Edited by Voices of Ukraine

10402671_771724319534400_1394274647281884946_nI just came from Kyiv. And all I can say is that it was an amazing trip. Muslims in Ukraine are a true example for all Muslims. They work perfectly, are wonderfully organized, and are friendly and hospitable. Every time I come to Ukraine, whether Kyiv, Simferopol, or any other city, I feel myself to be at home. And all thanks to you, my dears.

In a relatively short time, Muslims in Ukraine were able to organize the work of several Islamic centers across the country. In Kyiv, it’s a huge five-story building, where there is a mosque, a large library, classrooms, sport halls, and there will be secondary school soon, inshallah.

Muslims in Ukraine actively supported the democratic changes in the country, providing all possible support to their countrymen and have always had a position…

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