Ukraine accuses Russia of blatant violation of border agreements


Statement by the Information Policy Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the violation of the state border with the Russian Federation,
June 11, 2014

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine strongly condemns the blatant violations by the Russian Federation of the state border regime, which are continuing despite all the legitimate demands of the international community and the Ukrainian government.

The border guard service of the FSB (Federal Security Service) and other responsible authorities of the Russian Federation are continuing to enable the illegal transfers of armed organized groups and militants to Ukrainian territory.

The Russian side has repeatedly violated the agreed upon contractual obligations. Article 8 of the Agreement between Ukraine and the Russian Federation on Cooperation and Reciprocity on Border Issues, of 1994, provides, in particular, for the implementation of agreed upon measures to stop terrorism, the illegal trafficking of weapons and other contraband, and the illegal entries and exits across the borders of the two countries.

As is known, on June 5, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to suspend movement temporarily across several checkpoints:  in the Donetsk Oblast — Marynivka–Kuybyshevo; in the Luhansk Oblast — Novoshakhtynsk–Dolzhanskyy, Chervonopartyzansk–Hukovo, Chervona Mohyla–Hukovo, Novoborovtsi–Oleksiyevo-Tuzlivka, Krasnodarskyy–Donetsk, Kransodarsky–Nyzhniy Shvyrov, Severnyy–Donetsk. This decision was reported to the Russian side according to the bilateral agreements. In blatant disregard of its responsibilities and, in fact, while actually sponsoring international terrorism, the FSB Border Service of the Russian Federation continues to place no obstacles for criminals and to allow the influx of weapons and militants across the border in the direction of Ukraine.

Consequently, the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to strengthen controls at the Ukrainian-Russian border, reported by the media, are but another declaration.

Ukraine demands that the Russian side stop its brazen violation of all possible rules of international law and international relations.

The international community expects concrete actions — not declarations — from the Russian Federation to create the proper conditions for the implementation of the peace plan to stabilize the situation in the eastern oblasts of our country.

Translation: Anna Mostovych



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