“Ukraine! I am for you!” (PayPal)

Voices of Ukraine

“Ukraine! I am for you!” (PayPal)

By: Vitaliy Deynega

06.10.2014  Facebook

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


PayPal, electronic transfers, and more–we work hard to help simplify the procedure.

Money collected by PayPal will be spent in Europe on commodities, which will then be sent to the front. Transfers will be spent on what can be bought officially. Cash—on everything remaining.

As before, a detailed report is here:https://yadi.sk/d/N6JOeun0QREQ3

A full list of details is here:http://savelife.in.ua/partners.html

All currency will be converted at the most effective rate at the time of spending.

We work hard! Every kopek [penny] can save someone’s father and bring peace!

I’m leaving to take care of our common affairs. Up ahead is only good news!!

PayPal: dnepr21@mail.ru


5168 7553 6940 3403 Deynega Vitaliy

5211 5374 4662 3360 Stokratyuk Viktoria

Electronic transfers:


Myzhnarodniy Blagodiyniy Fund “Ukraine! I am for you!”

Code 35137539


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