A column of tanks with Russian flags has arrived in Donetsk

TV Channel 1+1, TSN Night

Military vehicles seen in the towns of Snizhne, Horlivka, Sloviansk, Makiyivka, and Tores in the Donetsk region.

As broadcast by Ukrainian TV Channel 1+1 during the nightly news program TSN Night, Russian tanks have invaded Eastern Ukraine. Movement of military vehicles was witnessed in several towns in the Donetsk region. Tanks with the tricolor Russian flag were seen in Snizhne, Horlivka, Sloviansk, Makiyivka, and Tores. Witnesses reported that the heavy military equipment and vehicles with Russian flags have already reached Donetsk. In addition, according to intelligence data, more powerful force has been concentrated on Russian territory in close proximity to the border with Ukraine. One reported a minimum of two mechanized brigades which have armored vehicles and multiple GRAD rocket launcher systems.

As reported earlier, a video appeared showing trucks and tanks with Russian flags moving on the center of Makiyivka.

UNIAN reported that according to the President of Ukraine’s press secretary, Svyatoslav Tsegolko, President Petro Poroshenko, during his conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, called the situation with tanks coming through the Ukrainian border unacceptable. Poroshenko held an urgent meeting with leaders of defense and law enforcement agencies.

Yesterday UNIAN reported that Putin advisor Sergei Glazyev suggested hitting the Ukrainian army to prevent it getting stronger.
Compilation and translation by Vitalii Usenko, edited by Robin Rohrback


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4, Military vehicles break through Ukrainian border from Russia – Euromaidan PR – June 12, 2014

5. Putin advisor Sergei Glazyev suggested hitting the Ukrainian army to prevent it getting stronger – Euromaidan PR – June 10, 2014

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6 thoughts on “A column of tanks with Russian flags has arrived in Donetsk

  1. When the Hell is the Ukrainian military going to wakeup and take out Putin’s Terrorists? Where is the leadership? You all appear like cowards!

    • Everyone’s asking the same question. Does Ukraine have the will to fight? How can they just let Russia invade like that? Unless, that’s the deal …Poroshenko made let russia have eastern Ukraine. Or they can’t get enough Ukrainians to fight. Something is very wrong here. If Ukraine has all this huge military why aren’t thousands on the border?

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