Help Ukrainian Army: Send First Aid Medicine Kit for Ukrainian Soldiers


Euromaidan activists in Ukraine are finding ways to help the Ukrainian army.

One of the ways to do this is ship a parcel of medical supplies to a recipient in Ukraine that will pass it on to the Ukrainian soldiers in need. The facebook group EuroArmyMaydan is coordinating this process. Due to Ukraine’s customs rules, it is impossible to import them in large quantities and they have to be shipped in small parcels. Anybody that wants to support the Ukrainian army can do so by shipping necessary medical supplies to recipients in Ukraine that will get them to the frontline!

Purchase the following materials via the links and send them to the addresses provided. When you send the parcel make sure that the cost does not exceed 200$ (you can lower it in the declaration) and make sure that they are NOT SPECIFIED AS MEDICAL DEVICES.

This is information from EuroArmyMaydan.

Here we publish only information on the operative assistance to the Ukrainian Army. Our main goal is to give materials to military servicemen that can keep them alive in the field. For this we are gathering medicine kits that can be used in field conditions, or at least the most crucial ingredients of these kits. Primarily, these are tourniquets, hemostatics, analgesics, suitable for immediate injection.

How much do we need? A lot. Our army has sent 10 000 to the front, and a draft is ongoing. Providing the necessary supplies for all of them is a dream, providing for many is a realistic task.

Financial reports and bank details for those who are willing to support us financially: (reports)

To read about our other needs join our FB group:


IMPORTANT: in Ukraine we can receive packages and parcels free of customs fees only if their cost do not exceed  $200 or €150. Parcels arriving to the same address or/and the same name on the same date add up and considered to be charged as one parcel. Therefore we highly recommend to lower estimated cost of the goods in your shipping invoice.

Also, please do not specify them as medical devices or any other “medical” stuff. Please, take into consideration, that whatever we need is NOT CLASSIFIED AS MEDICAL DEVICE

Tip for those who are willing to help at large: Meest is willing to resolve all  of the customs complications for the modest fee of 10% payed by the buyer.

Note. Keep the soldier’s spirits up! If you are sending the parcel yourself, please write a few words to the soldier that will be receiving it, in any language. Even a a simple “thank you” does a lot! And they need this no less than a bandage.

All the information on how to send the parcel are in this REGULARLY UPDATED GOOGLE DOC.


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