Meijlis concerned about people disappearing in Crimea, asking assistance from international human rights advocates

The Meijlis of the Crimean Tatar people have appealed to a number of international organizations in connection with frequent cases of people going missing on the peninsula.

In particular, an appeal titled ‘Prevention of cases of abduction and disappearances in Crimea’, adopted at a meeting of the Meijlis, has been sent to the United Nations Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, as well as a number of international human rights organizations.

According to the appeal, in recent months Crimean society has faced a very dangerous phenomenon previously uncharacteristic of Crimea—kidnapping. The Meijlis cite the example of Reshat Ametov’s kidnapping in early March. Ametov, the father of three young children, was later found brutally tortured.

“The illegal detention and forced escorting of Reshat Ametov from Simferopol’s central square in the middle of the day was videotaped by journalists, but so far his heinous murder has not been solved and the criminals have not been punished,” the appeal says.

The Meijlis also noted that at the end of May 2014 in Crimea three activists of the NGO Ukrainskiy Dom [Ukrainian House], Simferopol residents Leonid Korzh, Tymur Shaymardanov, and Seyran Zinedinov, disappeared one by one. Their fate remains unknown to this day.

“The Meijlis of the Crimean Tatar People consider the acts of violence committed against Crimean civilians to be acts of intimidation of Crimean society, and the failure to solve them as evidence of disregard by the authorities for the basic human rights to their own lives and safety of their loved ones,” the appeal states.

The Meijlis have urged the international organizations and international human rights organizations to make all efforts and exploit every opportunity to prevent the escalation of violence against the civilian population in Crimea.

Earlier, the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Crimea expressed its concern about people’s disappearance in a similar appeal.


Translated by Katherina Smirnova, edited by Robin Rohrback

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1 thought on “Meijlis concerned about people disappearing in Crimea, asking assistance from international human rights advocates

  1. It should be pretty obvious to Ukraine and Crimea that UN, NATO, US and the europeans will do nothing no matter how vicious will do anything to stop Putin andhis regime.

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