Ulitskaya: The Russian mass media beat the world record in lies

In her interview with Le Monde the writer Liudmila Ulitskaya said that the Russian mass media are manipulating the Russians’ mass consciousness and have already beaten the world record in lying. In particular, the writer claims, TV channels broadcast footage from Syria and Venezuela under the guise of the events in Donetsk. The Russian intelligentsia cannot do anything as, according to her, freedom of speech in Russia is being oppressed. 

The Russian writer Liudmila Ulitskaya gave an interview to the French newspaper Le Monde, in which she explained why in her book “Green Tent” she returned to the topic of Soviet dissidents. To her mind, the current government in Russia regards them “as demons.” The government is doing everything possible for the reinstatement of ideological principles, but is meanwhile discrediting the dissident movement.

According to Ulitskaya, the surname of academic Andrey Sakharov has been consciously erased from the history of the country, and Alexandr Solzhenitsin is only mentioned by the government exclusively for their personal interests. The writer reminds that the dissidents never wanted to come to power. After the fall of the Soviet Union they had fingers pointed at them in accusation of the failure of democratisation of the state. Ulitskaya considers this to be the result of propaganda.

In the interview, the Russian writer also mentioned the topic of Ukraine. She reminds how on March 15th in Moscow, tens of thousands of people came out for a protest against the war in Ukraine. Their banners said: “Ukraine, forgive us!” However, regardless of this protest, Crimea was annexed. Ulitskaya admits that the “illegal occupation of the peninsula” made population happy. Millions of Russians celebrated this return. And this way the anti-war protest of the intelligentsia failed, the writer thinks.

The Russian government refuses to examine the intelligentsia’s demands to stop the intervention in Ukraine’s political life, said Ulitskaya in her interview. While the majority of the population is celebrating the accession of Crimea and hopes that a similar fate awaits the east of Ukraine; a small group of opposition activists which counter the official line are being condemned as “national traitors.” “Don’t throw stones at us, we are few, but we do exist,” warns the writer.

Ulitskaya thinks that it is difficult to evaluate what is happening between Russia and Ukraine at the moment. To her mind, the Russian mass media are distorting the Ukrainian events and “have already beaten the world record in lying.” This, it has recently been discovered that the footage of the wounded child and woman lying in a pool of blood, presented by several TV channels as evidence of the barbarity of the Ukrainian soldiers in Donetsk, was made in Syria and Venezuela, claims the writer. To her mind, this footage was shown specifically to spark hatred between Russians and Ukrainians.

At the moment we are witnesses to an unprecedented manipulation of collective consciousness. The responsibility of the journalists has never been as high as it is now, especially those who is trying to maintain objectivity, regardless of the pressure on part of the government. Some information websites have been closed, the bloggers are being controlled, freedom of speech is being suffocated like never before in the last 20 years,” said Ulitskaya in her interview.

According to her, much time will be needed for the relations between Russia and Ukraine to stabilise. The responsibility for the worsening of the relations between the two countries lies on Russia, thinks the writer.

Source: russian.Rt.Com

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina


5 thoughts on “Ulitskaya: The Russian mass media beat the world record in lies

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  2. finally , since march 3rd russia has had 1000s attacking all the mass media in the world – someone is shouting out this obvious – we need to unite the students of ukraine expertise in this area and open them a path with logistics to counter attack with love and truth of the real situation on the ground in there cites against this atrocity.. we need to emphasize this war of media is just as important as on the ground war with russia –unite the students whcih easily are the fastest knowledgeable experience quickest large action group available to counterattack asap . allow the students whom planted their seed of hope truth freedom,liberty lustration for they can grow and raise there children and give birth to an glorious ukraine bright future, from above. to become right now the strong opposing force . very much needed to stand up and shout out the truth stong .to back down this oppressing hate spiiling flood of lies of russia propaganda war for ukraine today . plus sanction all jounalist and bloggers promoting these lies and russia total parliament members that vote for putin lies — to give them a good awakenig there scandalous deeds will cost them ever visiting half the world and allow this to be lifted only when they stop being puppets and promoting putin lies to strangle 45 million and 200 million neighbors in fear of his dysfunctional disease to take another country land now have to waste billions in defense that should go to schools hospitals needy jobs .. it setting over half billion backwards, now halving to looking over there shoulders at this head snipeviperr putin. lets open the door and path and bridge and groundwork this week and get this moving now

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