Journalist warns embassy violence serves Russia’s interests


Vitaliy Portnikov

Journalist Vitaliy Portnikov is calling for an examination of events that took place near the Russian Embassy in Kyiv on Saturday, June 14, in a statement posted on his Facebook page, reports Espreso TV.

“Anybody who feels hidden malevolent satisfaction with what is happening near the Russian embassy in Kyiv should consider who is benefitting from the fact that the main news item on TV channels worldwide will be coverage of that event, and not the tragedy of the Ukrainian plane in Luhansk and the evidence of the Russian origin of the weapons discovered in the southeast. Let him think of the fate of our compatriots, the diplomats of Ukraine who are working in Moscow and other cities of Russia. And let him understand that this is precisely the goal — to present Ukraine as a country of “scumbags” where only Russia can restore order and which only the Kremlin can protect from the righteous anger of the Russian people.”

As previously reported,  protestors threw stones and smoke bombs and overturned cars at the Russian embassy in Kyiv. The reason for the demonstration was the death of 49 military who died during the night of June 13-14 when their plane was shot down by terrorists while landing at the Luhansk airport.

Translation: Anna Mostovych



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5 thoughts on “Journalist warns embassy violence serves Russia’s interests

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  2. I can understand how frustrated people in Ukraine must be with Russia. They’ve had to hold back all this time while Russia kills its people, lies and blackens viciously the land of Ukraine. But, they must refrain from this kind of action as Moscow propaganda is so black and powerful all over the world….Putin Regime are truly evil…I’ve never believed in an anti-christ but it seems it may be true. Putin and his regime have come to destroy the world. Their evilness and the way the world is following them is like they are possessed by the devil. I’ve never believed in such things but I’m starting to now as I watch Putin lies and people all of the world believing them and supporting them. People of Ukraine stand your ground for truth, honor and decency….Do not stoop to this devil regime’s level. I can’t believe what is happening in Ukraine. It is more frightening than anything that’s ever happened in the middle-east. There is no one in the world as dark and vicious as Putin and his regime. I’m starting to believe in God and the Devil. It looks like the world starts to unravel in Ukraine.

  3. Vitaliy Pornikov’s advice sounds very judicious.

    However, an honorable and legal justice for Ufkraine from the “righteous Russian people’s” criminality and incessant victimization has never been, is not and will never be on the Kremlin’s agenda.

    They’ve already doomed the UKR nation to “scumbag” status with their historical revisionism and Ukrainian-culural stripping eons ago and conveniently now just repeating & duplicating the same-old-same-old again. Nothing new. Righteous Alexander Dugin’s rhetoric reigns.

    Name me “diplomats of Ukraine who are working in Moscow and other cities of Russia” that have been effectively working to peacefully untie Ukraine from Russia or diplomatically pullingl Russia away from it’s assaults on Ukraine.

    Admittedly, had I personally been at the RU Embassy in Kyiv – Just pass me the eggs. RU media will put a negative spin on and *demonize* anything pro-Ukrainians do anyway And if I decided to not throw an egg; a RU journo would offer to pay me to throw it so they could *photo capture*, for the world to see, what an unrighteous *scumbag* they.witnessed.

    I’d throw it for free.

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