Our Enemies Will Vanish?

Our Enemies Will Vanish?

Voices of Ukraine

By Mykola Savelyev
05.28.2014  Ratusha
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Perhaps. But believe me, not all at once. According to those who are fighting here, there are at the most 100-150 real Russian spies and saboteurs here. The rest are Russian “National Bolsheviks,” fascists, opportunists, Cossacks, mercenaries, Ukrainian-Russian criminals, and the dominant power—thieves, lumpen, and declassed elements. A hell of a lot of those in here! All of the checkpoints, which our guys recaptured from the separatists, and the nearby areas are just littered with syringes! In the pockets of those arrested—there is amphetamine. From among those who blocked the way for vehicles nearby, half are incurable alcoholics and a third—complete drug addicts!

200 Hryvnias/UAH is an incredible amount of money for many! There are whole dynasties where the great-grandfather, the grandfather, the father, the son and the grandson served time! Poverty, fights, bicycles, swearing, embittered women, horrible…

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