Russian terrorists using hostages as human shields


Igor Bezler

Military captives will be placed on the roofs of buildings seized by terrorists in Horlivka, including the police administration building and the building of the Department for Combating Organized Crime, in order to prevent airstrikes by Ukraine’s military. The order was issued on Saturday, June 14, by the commander of the Horlivka terrorist garrison Igor Bezler (alias Bez), reports the website, citing Horlivka citizen Vasyl Budik, who has been in captivity for 44 days. According to Budik, the captives will be used as “human shields” and countermeasures against possible future airstrikes.

Five soldiers from the Kirovohrad Oblast, two soldiers of the 25th Dnipropetrovsk Airborne Brigade, and the driver who transported them will be used as human shields, Budik reports.

“Igor Bezler has announced that his militants have no connection to the downed IL-76 plane near Luhansk and does not understand why there was an airstrike directed at the Ministry of Internal Affairs building,” Budik says.

As previously reported, during the night of June 13-14, a military transport plane IL-76 was shot down, and 49 people were killed. On the morning of June 14, an airstrike was carried out on the seized city police building in Horlivka.

According to medical personnel, two people died on the spot and six were taken by ambulance to municipal hospital No 2.

Translation: Anna Mostovych


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