About gas as a solution for the problem with Russia

While the military conflict between Ukraine and Russia, who is acting on the territory of our country through its mercenaries, continues in the East of Ukraine, the leadership of the EU, and the leaders of European countries, prefer to pretend as if nothing extraordinary is happening.

Nobody mentions the virtual third package of sanctions in Europe, and if they do, it is with some unwillingness and laziness. Europe does not wish to intervene in the conflict with Russia, caring exclusively for its own economical and political benefits, as the implementation of the third sanction package against the Russian Federation may negatively influence the EU’s shaky economy, which, on its part, will increase unemployment and escalate the socio-economical situation. 

However, the European politicians have not yet thought about the fact that the influx of refugees from Ukraine may influence the economical situation in the EU even more negatively.

A good example of Europe’s unwillingness to give a harsh response to the Russian occupants was the latest statement made by chairman of the EU Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, expressed over the phone to the Russian Führer V. Putin on June 13th. Mr. Barroso then asked Putin to stop the influx of weapons to Ukraine, and to stop supporting the separatists in its eastern region. What the Führer replied is unknown, but, it seems, he told him that there are no Russian armed forces or weapons in Ukraine. For Ukraine, the result of such a phone call equates to a big round zero. The same result yielded from the conversation between our acting Minister of Foreign Affairs A. Deshchitsya and Ukraine’s “great” friends from Poland and Sweden – R. Sikorskiy and C. Bildt. Germany, which, presented by the head of the MFA Steinmeier asked Putin to prevent the influx of weapons and mercenaries from Russia to Ukraine, took the same “active civic” position the regarding Ukraine.

Such an “overtly anti-Russian” position of the EU “frightened” Putin very much. So much so that, tanks and “Grad” equipment started flooding into Ukraine from Russia. On their part, the terrorists are boasting about the receipt of humanitarian aid from the Russian Federation in the form of man-portable air-defence systems, grenade launchers, assault rifles, sniper rifles and thermographic cameras, using which they are killing Ukrainian citizens, without any reservations.

In light of this, a question to the Ukrainian government arises – whose side are they playing on: the side of the European chatter mouths or the Russian aggressors? The solution of the problem with the Russian occupants and European “friends” can be found very easily. With the help of the magical gas valve on the pipe, using which Russian gas goes to European consumers.

The main issue lies with the Ukrainian government, which has to make up its mind regarding its NATIONAL PRIORITIES. What is more important for them: the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the lives of its best citizens, which are ready to fight for the independence of their state? Or the international image of the reliable supplier of Russian gas? There is no third option here.

If they should choose to block the pipe for the EU, “Yatseniuk-Poroshenko and Co” lose their international image, but they get much more – an image inside the country, the salvation of the lives of their citizens and the salvation of Ukraine.

With a blocked gas valve, the European governors will do everything possible in order to prevent their citizens from freezing and their productions from being suspended. And then they will immediately find triggers of influence on the Kremlin Führer. As they don’t even need to implement limitations for Russian companies in this case. It is enough to return the children of the Kremlin elite, which have long ago established themselves in Europe, to Russia in a compulsory fashion; prohibit entry to the yachts of the Russian billionaire into the European ports; block the broadcast of Russian propaganda (TV channel Russia Today) in Europe, which will automatically mean several dozens of billions of dollars, which had gone to the financing of this project, will go down the drain for Russia.

What will change for the RF? More or less nothing, besides that fact that billions of cubic metres of gas will have to be simply burnt, losing money. I think that Putin, when faced with such a perspective, will quickly remove all of his mercenaries from Ukraine and will even sign a contract with a price we can tolerate.

Gas is the only means using which we should win the war with Russian nazism – fight the enemy with their own weapon. 

The efficiency of such a weapon is proved by the fact that regardless of the numerous statements and threats on Kremlin’s part to transfer Ukraine to advance payments, we have not received this advance payment system FOR SOME REASON. But Putin himself wrote two letters to Europe, explaining the reasons of Ukraine’s transition to advance payments and emphasising Russia’s “friendly position.” Ukraine was taken to advance payments starting May 17th, June 1st, 9th, 10th, 16th, 26th. Putin, Medvedev, Minister for Energy Novak, Minister for Finance Siluanov, “Gazprom” head Miller and others talked about the transition to advance payments. But it never happened. Because the Kremlin is afraid of losing money from selling gas and they will do everything possible to prevent it. They will even remove the terrorists and lower the price for Ukraine.

Because the Muscovites have loudly threatened us with the blockage of gas numerous times, and accused Ukraine of violating international standards in unsanctioned pumping of Russian gas, but for some reason they never hastened to file plaints to international courts and block gas for us. Because without gas Putin is nothing.

Section “Delta” of the group “InfoResist”

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina


3 thoughts on “About gas as a solution for the problem with Russia

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  2. Great idea…but aren’t there other pipe lines that go around Ukraine? Ukraine should put the screws to those useless, immoral, greedy Europeans. …go your own way. Tell the people about the friends you have in europe. Buy cheap solar panels from China, Buy wind mills, use hydo electric power even build a new nuclear plant…Put your jobs into clean energy…let the rest of those bastards choke on their own soot. Be the first environmental state. When my father came to the states….he was a very successful, environmentally clean farmer and that was in the 50’s. Ukraine..Be different Ukraine…be the first environmentally clean country. Train your eastern and southeastern people to produce these products instead of war, coal and other crap. Be neutral. How you can ever be friends with Russia after what they have done to you…Tell Putler and his fascist regime to kiss your Ukrianian asses…That’s right Putler…all people living in Ukraine are Ukrainians ….even though my ethnic background is Ukrainian…I am an American. Yes Putler there has always been a “Ukraine” whether you and your fascists czars etc., like it or not. Putler give up…your kind has been trying for centuries to kill the culture and haven’t be able to. You’ve stolen the best of our writers, artists, scientists etc and we won’t let you do it anymore. I don’t care if they speak Russian…..if they’re born in Ukraine they are Ukrainians.

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