Donbas civilians forced to join terrorist militias



In the village of Dmytrivka, in the Shakhtarsky district, 50 men have been mobilized by terrorist militias under threat of execution, reports Espreso TV, June 15, citing Censor.

“I’m a resident of Donbas, namely from the Shakhtarsky district, village of Dmytrivka. On June 14, in the evening around 17:00, ‘our brothers,’ namely Chechens, started going through our village and forcibly taking into their army men aged 16 to 65. Anyone who refused was threatened with being shot. Women gathered together and protested, but they ignored it, to put it mildly, and said that all the men joined voluntarily,” Tetyana, wife of one the “mobilized” men in Dmytrivka told the news source Podrobnosti, Espreso reports.

According to Tetyana, the women were advised to leave Dmytrivka with their children for two days or else they would be forcibly evacuated to the Rostov Oblast in Russia.

“In Dmytrivka, they took all the men to defend the separatist barricades. Women are in shock. Help us,” said another woman named Yuliya.

Luhansk journalist Vsevolod Filimonenko writes on his Facebook page that local residents approached with questions on how to act in this situation and gave him their appeal stating that terrorists had already forcibly taken 50 peaceful civilians into their ranks. He quotes it verbatim.

“In the village of Dmytrivka, Shakhtarsky district of the Donetsk Oblast, today they started to take all the men aged 16-65. They said that if the men do not go willingly, they will come with machine guns and take them. Wives and mothers of the men went to the border outposts, which are currently controlled by the militias demanding the men’s release. The militias fired into the air to disperse the crowd. They only allowed the women to bring items, that’s all. They already took some 50 men. Nobody knows yet where they will send them, but they are afraid they will use our men as a living shield if the Ukrainian army attacks,” the journalist writes.

“The atmosphere is becoming more heated by the minute, as Dmytrivka is located 15 km from the Russian border and the surrounding villages are Marynivka, Stepanivka, Dubrovka, Dyakove. All of them are encircled. In Dyakove and Dubrovka, Grad rocket launchers have been installed. During the day various explosions and shooting can be heard. Many peaceful civilians have remained in the villages. The people ask. What can we do? How can we save our men?” the journalist writes, quoting the residents.

Translation: Anna Mostovych



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3 thoughts on “Donbas civilians forced to join terrorist militias

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  3. EU what about this and kidnapping orphants and murdering,killing tousands,torturing hundrets of Ukraine people, killing children and destroying water supply, electric supply, destroying Ukraine houses, hospitals,schools, muzeums, cars, you name it, Putn’s men destroyed that. Will you blame Ukraine people for that as for 1 house of Russia ambassy in Kiev?? What a measurment.

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