EU’s Clear and Consistent Capitulation?

EU’s Clear and Consistent Capitulation?

Voices of Ukraine

By Halya Coynash

1402796907The EU has invited Russia to join talks on the EU-Ukraine trade agreement  This radical climbdown from previous refusals to engage in trilateral negotiations is reportedly called “significant” by EU officials who claim it reflects a “new climate” at the talks.  What kind of ‘climate’ the EU has in mind remains a mystery.  The invitation was announced one day after Russian tanks crossed into Ukraine at a border crossing by Kremlin-backed militants, and less than 24 hours before militants used advanced missiles to shoot down a military plane, killing 49 Ukrainian soldiers and the crew of the plane.

On June 14 EU President Herman Van Rompuy stated that there is “no doubt that the armed fighters that are terrorising and disrupting the lives of citizens in Ukraine are enjoying external support, including arms supply and reinforcement through foreign fighters.  As a neighbouring state…

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