Russian blogger: The rude song about Putin is a development of the Pentagon’s political technologists

You know what I think about the rude song about Putin (“Putin – h***lo, la-la-la”), which they are actively trying to present in the Ukrainian segment of the Russian-language Internet as a national song of Ukraine?

This is no national song. It is most likely to be a secret development of American political technologists from the Pentagon. And it was created to zombify the population… no, not of Ukraine, but of RUSSIA! By means of constant repetition, the Russians are being subconsciously coerced into thinking that “Putin is (insert rude word).” As is known, if a person is constantly told that they are a swine, sooner or later they will start behaving like one.

This is what the State Department political technologists are counting on: on numerous repetition, which is being beaten into the subconscious. A big number of videoclips and musical arrangements have already been created for this song, which contains just one line:

Even some candidates for President of Ukraine, which have entered the top-three and received 10% of the votes, are singing this song as well. I mean the militaristic gay Liashko.

To wit, this is not the first time when the State Department is trying to influence the subconscious with the help of media technologies.

Before the military junta came to power in Ukraine, a song about Yanukovich called “Vitya, ciao!” was spread around the Internet. And everything happened according to the song. Yanukovich has left and is not coming back. Mezhygirya has become a museum. Therefore the lyrics of this song already contained the United States’ plan to depose Yanukovich:

And how did the rude song about Putin influence the Russians? Luckily, the Russians are doing good, and are not subject to this subconscious zombifying. On May 18th, a minimal number of people came to Manezhnaya Square, even though the State Department planned a bloody revolution and Putin’s deposition. We, the Russians, understand that such a rude song is zombifying on the subconscious level, therefore we don’t follow its lead. And those who are forewarned are armed.

Yesterday I conducted a survey regarding the support of Vladimir Putin’s policies. It shows that our President still has a very high rating. And let the State Department agents invent what they can, it is good for them to show that Putin’s rating is falling. It is not. And the US will not be able to beat down Putin’s rating with any rude songs.

Source: Politichanka

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina


10 thoughts on “Russian blogger: The rude song about Putin is a development of the Pentagon’s political technologists

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  2. Nice ! Thanks to this Russian blogger, we now know that Putin is a ***… a what, by the way ? Could anybody translate ?

    “The militaristic gay Liashko.” You mean… like this guy ?

    Or this chap ?

    Who, apart from a militaristic and gay politician, would compulsively pose half-naked for grotesque “macho” photographs such as these ? Seriously, all this gay-bashing, plus going shirtless at the drop of a hat with horses, guns, tigers and whatnot ?… I smell a rat. The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks.

    • Dude, you are hilarious!

      In the US we had J Edgar Hoover who was viciously anti-gay (and lots of other stuff). In the end (er, no pun intended), it turned out he was not just gay himself, but a serious closet pervert. So, perhaps you are I to something here re Putin.

      Reading this ridiculous column re Putin Khuelo, I was coming to the conclusion that it could only be a deliberate caracature of crazy outlandish conspiracy theories in Russia, and in the end she would reveal the joke. But it appears that she is indeed serious. Um. Ok. I’ll remember to send the CIA a special thank you note for creating a little ditty that turns out to be so effective. Who knew?!

  3. The above article makes me laugh…Putler is an evil swine!!! The only zombies are the Russian people to have chosen a dictator. Stalin, Hitler, 21st. Century Putlin…He will go down in history as one of the murderous dictators in the 21st. Century.

  4. Sandy Miller, your uncivilized comment has made me curious what exactly Russians did to you to make you so abominated.
    As for “demonization technique”: the U.S. politicians are the world leaders in “character killing”, and now they are importing this strategy to Ukraine, the place where this, corrupting people’s souls, crap will flourish, and, indeed, zombificate them.

    • Yes ! Of course ! Ukrainians can’t even sing by themselves ! They need to be taught by US politicians ! That’s obvious ! Ukrainians have no will and no might ! Ukraine does not exist ! Everything that happens in Ukraine is engineered by America !

      How deluded can Russians be ?

      As for your “curiosity” about what Russians have done to be so “abominated” by Ukrainians, how about covertly invading the country, annexing part of it, sending troops and tanks to Donbass, giving guns to local thugs, subverting the country, sparking a civil war, killing soldiers, shooting planes off the air, kidnapping and torturing civilians, and lying through one’s teeth ?

      Not all Russians support Putin, mind you, there are some honest souls around. However, most of them seem to agree with the war against Ukraine, and they’ll have to bear responsibility for that.

    • First you invade a country and lie about it, then you complain that it’s uncivilised to sing that Putin is a dickhead — which he is. What’s the Russian word for chutzpah ?

    • Hm, well “Val”, it might be a wee bit of an overstatement to claim the American politicians are the world leaders in character assasination- you’d almost have to have been cut off from any real free news for a long time to believe that (like in Russia, for example)- but even were it true, Im pretty confident that the Ukrainian people would much prefer to have Americans send them “character assassination” than the innocent civilian assassination, the robbery, rape, kidnapping and economic ruin that Russia is sending them, all in the name of making Ukraine an enslaved vassal state whose people have no voice, no protection and no freedom of self determination (like in Crimea now, yes). Compared to that, a little character assassination starts to look positively attractive in comparison.

      Your sense of what constitutes “uncivilized” is baffling to me, frankly.

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