Security officers arrest terrorists in Kyiv and Kramatorsk


Russian mercenary arrested in Kramatorsk

On June 13, the Security Service of Ukraine arrested a citizen “D” (alias Sevyer), an active member of the terrorist organization “People’s Republic of Donetsk” and an accomplice of the terrorist Igor Bezler (alias Bez), reports the ministry’s press service on its website, June 16.

It has been established that “D” is a resident of the Donetsk area and arrived in Kyiv with the goal of destabilizing the situation in the capital. According to the suspect, the terrorists leader “Bez” gave him the assignment to create a series of sabotage activities at the city’s energy and water utility sites in order to divert attention from events in the east of Ukraine.

The man specialized in subversive activities and, along with other terrorists, took part in mining infrastructures in the Donetsk Oblast. Furthermore, he admitted to financing terrorists, especially the militants in the Vostok battalion.

During the search of the suspect, UAH 100,000 in cash, an RGD-5 grenade, ammunition, and 300 grams of narcotic substances were seized. The investigation is ongoing.

On June 14, during the antiterrorist operation in Kramatorsk, in the Donetsk Oblast, members of the Security Service of Ukraine arrested 5 militants from an illegal armed group who had fired on Ukrainian military with automatic weapons.

One of the detained, Nikolai Krypov,  a 21-year-old citizen of the Russian Federation and a former student of the Krasnodar Military Aviation School, said he came to eastern Ukraine to “make money.”

According to the mercenary, he came to Slovyansk afer seeing online ads recruiting volunteers to fight on the side of the Donetsk People’s Republic. For his “work” he was promised a monetary reward of US $1,000 per day.

Weapons, UAH 7,000, and a so-called “pilot’s book ” (documenting his pilot preparation) were removed from Krypov.

Translation: Anna Mostovych



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4 thoughts on “Security officers arrest terrorists in Kyiv and Kramatorsk

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  2. Oh lovely, what about EU to talk to RUS-terrorists nicely to stop and lie down weapons. When EU+US can be ruffled by protest at Russia ambassy. Or offer nice land in Germany, France and give them work to help build nice warships for Russia.

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