Ukraine’s Foreign Minister becomes YouTube sensation


Andriy Deshchytsia

After Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Andriy Deshchytsia performed the famous hit of football fans about Russia’s President Putin, his video on YouTube has attracted more than a million viewers, reports Ukrainska Pravda, June 16.

The video, filmed by Hromadske TV, appeared on YouTube the day it was filmed, June 14. To date, it has attracted more than a million viewers, and the number keeps growing.

Russian diplomats have already expressed their outrage at Deshchytsia’s language. As previously reported, Dechshytsia said he understood why people came to protest at the Russian Embassy and that he supported their desire to live in a peaceful country.

“Do I mind your protests? No, I support your protests. I am ready to stand here with you and say ‘Russia, get out of Ukraine,’ ” he said. However, Deshchytsia called on the protestors to make sure the protest remained absolutely peaceful and not to damage anything.

As a gesture of support for a peaceful protest, Deshchytsia, along with the activists, sang “Putin – kh**lo.” Later, Deshchytsia called the insulting remark about the Russian president “an extreme situation.” As he explained in an interview with the Echo of Moscow, “at that moment the main thing was to restrain the people.”

Meanwhile, the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, who also was present near the Russian embassy Saturday night, June 14, urged the demonstrators not to provoke the enemies of Ukraine and not to storm the building.

“We have a civic protest against the events that are taking place. People, unfortunately, do not always control themselves. However, we have national interests that do not include the storming of an embassy,” he said.

Avakov also said that he spoke with representatives of the Russian embassy and offered them protection from the “overwhelming emotions of the people.”

As previously reported, demonstrators were protesting Russia’s support of terrorists in eastern Ukraine and Russia’s suspected involvement in the downing of the Ukrainian military transport plane during which 49 people died.

Translation: Anna Mostovych



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