Ukraine reports new Russian troop activity at border


The press service of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine is reporting renewed Russian troop and equipment activity near the state border, new recruitment efforts for Russian militants, and planned assaults on Ukrainian forces with the help of Russian satellite information, reports Interfax Ukraine, June 17.

“Renewed movements of military troops and equipment of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have been observed near the Ukrainian border,” said National Security Council press representative Volodymyr Chepovyy at a press briefing, Tuesday, June 17.

In addition, according to NSDC, efforts to recruit citizens of the Russian Federation and other CIS member states to fight on the side of militias in eastern Ukraine have intensified.

According to Chepovyy, most groups of volunteers number 60-80 people, are formed through social networks, and then undergo one week of military training and instruction in the Rostov Oblast in Russia.

“Currently, several of these groups have been observed, with a total of up to 2,000 people,” he said.

Chepovyy added that Russian militants are preparing to fire on Ukrainian security force positions near the state border, using Russian satellite information on their specific locations.


Translation: Anna Mostovych


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1 thought on “Ukraine reports new Russian troop activity at border

  1. wipe them all out one city at a time. if I were King i would put one massive effort at the border and on in Lugansk and then take each major city at a time. don’t scatter your forces and lose more men. need a juggernaut approach and smash them. yeah I know, the bravery of being out range, but we need Ukraine whole. I support you and here in America I will continue to send money to help the brave patriots and support efforts, my beloved Ukrainian brothers and sisters. you are not alone. the world cares. Fight on! Don’t let the thieves gain anymore ground!

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