UOC KP: Moscow is preparing a coup in the Ukrainian Church

According to the Kyiv Patriarchy, June 19th may the start of the Church division countdown

The Kyiv Patriarchy warns about the provocations surrounding the visit of the Moscow Patriarch Kirill to Ukraine on the Day of the Baptism of Rus, prepared by Russia.

The statement on the official web page of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchy says that the impression of danger to the head of the MP in Kyiv will be created using Russian propaganda. 

After this the main celebrations will be moved to Sevastopol, as it is the place of prince Vladimir’s personal baptism. An “emergency” assembly will be held there, during which the current metropolitan bishop of the UOC KP Volodymyr (Sadan) will be replaced with another, fully loyal to Moscow, under the supervision of the Russian special serves.

“De-facto it is planned to enact the scheme that has been used several times before in the past to “push” for the decisions necessary for the Kremlin government,” stated the press service of the Church.

The Patriarchy is convinced that this way the Russian government wants to “neutralise the influence of the Kyiv Metropolitan Bishop, who is disproving of the fact that the priests from the Moscow Patriarchy stand on the side of pro-Kremlin separatists.”

The message also states that the visit by the Moscow Patriarchy are always welcome in Ukraine, as they encourage the number of supporters of the Kyiv Patriarchy.

“The ideas of the ‘Russian World’ preached by Patriarch Kirill evoke more and more disgust in Ukraine,” noted the UOC KP.

Earlier the Patriarchy of the UOC KP Filaret stated that the congregation of the Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchy is leaving for the Kyiv Patriarchy.

Source: http://gordonua.com/news/worldnews/UPC-KP-Moskva-gotovit-perevorot-v-ukrainskoy-cerkvi-27449.html

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina


3 thoughts on “UOC KP: Moscow is preparing a coup in the Ukrainian Church

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    • Unfortunately, The Russian Orthodox Church IS government and politics.

      E.g. when Moscow took over/were given two of Ukraine’s holiest sites, Pecherska Lavra and Pochaiyiv, it just gave further imptus to their Russian Orthodox mythos of *only ONE canonical [hence, *national church*] in Ukraine.

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