Russian journalists first on the scene of gas explosion in Ukraine


Journalists from Russia Today arrived at the site of a gas pipeline explosion in the Lokhvytsky district, in the Poltava Oblast in Ukraine, in record time, says the Chairman of Naftogaz Ukraine Andriy Kobolev.

He remarked on this astonishing journalistic timing on his Facebook page the day of the explosion, Tuesday, June 17, as reported by Espreso TV.

“It took the ‘journalists’ from Russia Today exactly 10 minutes to be on the site of the pipeline explosion, in an unremarkable area, deep in the Poltava Oblast. As they say, they drove around, stopped briefly, and lo and behold, there it was,” he writes.

Similar views were expressed on social networks, where bloggers pointed out that the pipeline is located in the middle of a field, 28km from the nearest village.  “What were the journalists doing in a little known rural area? Were they reporting on the number of chickens?” a blogger asks rhetorically.

As previously reported, on June 17, at 14:45, an explosion occurred at the Urengoy-Uzhhorod-Pomary pipeline in the Poltava Oblast, which supplies gas to Europe through Ukraine. Terrorism is suspected, and Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov believes sabotage on the pipeline is but another attempt on the part of the Russian Federation to discredit Ukraine as a reliable partner for the transit of energy resources.

On an ominous note, the Russian gas monopoly Gazprom is predicting additional accidents in Ukraine’s gas transmission system. In a press conference in Moscow, Vitaliy Markelov, the deputy chairman of JSC Gazprom and a company board member, expressed his concern, as reported by, June 18.

“The gas transmission system was created as a single entity. We have invested heavily in the repair and reconstruction, which is not true on the Ukrainian side. The pipe is aging and, therefore, there are gaps. This is not the only accident. There were others and I think there will be more,” he said.

Compiled and translated by Anna Mostovych



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6 thoughts on “Russian journalists first on the scene of gas explosion in Ukraine

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  2. Maybe they should ask Markelov where he suspects more accidents, in order to arrest the terrorists before the blow up the pipes.
    Since he appears to be well informed…

  3. The real question is since this all a replay of what Putin did to Georgia after the Olympics in Bejing, China is why the U.S., EU, NATO, and Ukrainian Leadership cannot see the same pattern after the Olympics in Sochi.

    Just how much longer must the Western World keep its head buried in the Sand? When will the West fight for the values they say they love so dearly and that Ukraine seeks to have for itself? Ukrainians are willing to fight so why is the West NOT sanctioning Russia where it hurts them (in the Wallet)? And where is all this “aid” to include non lethal defensive aid to give Ukrainian Military a fighting chance? Where are the armed drones (UAV) to patrol the skies and borders of Ukraine and destroy people and equipment crossing the border into Russia?

    Putin only understands brute force and power. It is time for the West to stop playing softball and checkers and start playing hardball and chess.

  4. I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, at the thought of even a whiff of impropriety on behalf of Russian agen, er, journalists. Russia is a paragon of journalistic integrity, always has been (if you’re a Stalinist). 🙂

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