How Luhansk electricians became YouTube stars


Oleksandr Kruykov, Pavlo Pavlov with a friend

Despite all the military activity in the Luhansk Oblast, two local electricians are delighting  their internet community with unusual inventions, reports Espreso TV, citing the online publication AIN.

Luhansk natives Pavlo Pavlov and Oleksandr Kryukov were relaxing with friends one day by the river. Someone from the group decided to have some fun by throwing a used gas cylinder in the fire (it’s dangerous, but the explosion is loud). It was around that time that the idea for the YouTube channel “Creative Experiments” was born.. The channel, which is now almost two years old, has almost 19,000 paid subscribers, and its most popular videos attract some 200,000-300,000 views.

As their motto, the project creators took the quote of the famous Soviet physicist Pyotr Kapitsa: “Science should be fun, exciting and simple. So should the scientists.”

Viewers of “Creative Experiments” can choose from a variety of topics: how to assemble a welding tool from a glass jar, salt, metal plates, electrodes and wires; how to make a high voltage generator in 15 minutes; how to listen to electromagnetic waves; how to build an alarm clock from a condenser; how to inflate a balloon with helium; how to charge a mobile phone with railroad rails, and countless other unexpected but interesting experiments.

im578x383-lug51The project is known in the technical community. For example, the article on how to assemble a high voltage generator quickly generated lively discussions on Habrahabr (Russian computer and IT blog – Ed.).

The video creators have technical backgrounds. Pavlo is employed by the local internet provider. Oleksandr repairs household appliances. This is why there is sufficient technical material for shooting. Old, broken TVs, telephones and other devices are taken apart and used for experiments. For example, the star of the most recent video was an old microwave oven. The authors decided to investigate the maximum voltage of such an oven. To do this they systematically added a 300w light bulb, branches, neon lights and other items. The electric arc was impressive each time.

Oleksandr and Pavlo shoot the videos after work — each session can take several hours. The most complex part of the project, however, is the editing. “Sometimes viewers write us saying that this is impossible, you must have edited this in. But we never falsify our experiments,” Pavlo says.

Although ideas for the experiments are sometimes proposed by viewers, the creators themselves have so many ideas they simply do not have time to record them.

Despite the popularity of the videos, the team hasn’t yet been able to make much money from YouTube ads. Earnings were enough to buy a Canon 230 camera for photography.This is why the inventors are actively thinking of ways to make money from their videos. Recently they hitchhiked to Moscow for the “VideoPeople” festival for YouTube authors — specifically to learn how to profit from video content.

“We have no competition in Ukraine or Russia. We haven’t seen anyone doing anything like this,” Pavlo says.

Translation: Anna Mostovych


The following examples of the creative experiments filmed by the Luhansk team should not be repeated at home:



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