Multiple Russian military units cross Ukrainian border


A column  of 7 Russian KAMAZ trucks is moving towards Slovyansk, announced Volodymyr Chepovyy, press spokesman for the National Security and Defense Council, at a press briefing on June 20, reports Ukrainska Pravda.

“ATO (antiterrorist) forces are responding to the movement of the column of unmarked Russian KAMAZ trucks with trailers on the Snizhne-Yampil-Slovyansk road in the Donetsk Oblast, said Chepovyy.

At the same time, as reported by the publication OstroV, a column of military equipment led by tanks has gone through Horlivka.

On Friday morning, June 20, Minister of Defense Mykhaylo Koval, announced that military vehicles entered Ukraine from the Russian Federation, including 10 BM-21 “Grad” rocket launchers, T-64 tanks and other equipment. The Ukrainian side has evidence this equipment belongs to the Russian army, he said.

In addition, Dmytro Tymchuk, head of the Information Resistance group, reported that a column of armored vehicles entered Luhansk during the night, including 2 T-64 tanks and 5 armored personnel carriers.


Tanks in Horlivka:

Tanks in Luhansk:


6 thoughts on “Multiple Russian military units cross Ukrainian border

  1. Can anyone confirm the locations where these rolling tanks were filmed? There is a plethora of “tanks entering Ukraine” still shots/photos on news sites – UKRAINIAN sites – that are actually footage shot supposedly in Iraq, Afghanistan & Syria – as far back as 2009.

    • I see what you’re saying, but just to be clear the landscapes of those middle eastern countries and tht of Ukraine are astronomicaly different.

    • Maybe you can enlighten us by indicating links to these footages you have identified since you can tell us they were shot in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria?

    • Thank you, Heisse, for a link to more photos. Some of the images are still inconclusive – and those would include the stills from the YouTube video of the flags on 2 vehicles. I have not yet had an opportunity to search the other images, since I am not the website posting them – I only question their authenticity, since Russian propaganda abounds. Satellite images with arrows pointing to define locations (minus tanks/ military trucks) mean nothing. Please look at the images as if there were NO caption.

      Please look at the “related images” – Ist photo, left –
      Now look here – It is a 2008 article describing Russian tanks – scroll down:

      The still photo overlay for the 2nd listed YouTube video: Holy smokes! Take your pick since there a literally hundreds of the EXACT photo your story has identified as “Tanks in Luhansk” _
      Click on as many images as you like – your head will spin!

      Incidentally, here is one of MANY of the identical images as posted on your site on June 18. 2014 of the gas explosion. There is no caption identifying your photo as “stock” or “file” photo.
      Here are the same photo – of an explosion in 2011 and MANY more exactly like it – going back 5 years or more and taking place all over the globe:

      Must I find a matching photos on the web from all the photos posted of Russian tanks invading Ukraine? I am not the party responsible for bringing accurate information to Ukrainian readers.
      I’m only questioning material that appears on the web to determine what may be authentic, and what is planted as an untruth.
      I am not a genius – anyone can search for images. Simply right-click, “Search Google for this image.”
      Please understand that I only raise these concerns due to my utter mistrust of Kremlin propaganda. They have a long history of manipulating the truth.

  2. Where are the airplanes….bomb the suckers into the ground. pound them good. Ukraine has a rightr to protect its country. Where is the government why is the border that easily penetrated. Get airplanes out and bomb, bomb. I don’t wann hear that they’re breaking thru the same borders how bad is the ukrainian government don’t they know how to fight of war? Don’t they have any spys. This makes no sense. When they know they’re vulnerable. The world is and asking the same questions. You’re losing us folks!!! Do you really want to stop this invasion?

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