Russians to their families in Ukraine: We believe Putin, he will make it so that you will also have order, happiness and peace like we do

Ukrainians are shocked by the words of their nearest and dearest living in the neighbouring country.

The majority of Ukrainians are saying that their relations with their nearest and dearest in Russia have become much worse recently.

This is concluded from the answers Facebook users have given to the question posed on the page of TVi channel: “Do you feel animosity towards yourself and towards Ukraine after Euromaidan? What are your friends and family from Russian saying about Ukraine?” 

“First my relatives said that there were only bums and drunkards on Maidan, then, when my brother and my niece came for New Years and saw Maidan for themselves, their opinion changed drastically,” writes Galina Palamarchuk. “But when my niece returned home to Volgograd and started telling the truth to her friends, she was summoned to the college dean’s office, there were unidentified men there, she was questioned and warned that she will be expelled if they hear her “lying” and propagating Maidan. I even had to close by Odnoklassniki account to prevent harm to my niece. Stalinism is rampant in Russia.” 

“Before I would argue, prove, worry. Then I understood that I am being nervous in vein. And started trolling them,” Svitlana Alekseyeva shares her bitter experience. “You have fascists! – Yes, let’s finish now, it’s five already, the commandant will come soon, I have to make it on time to hide in the basement! – Your army is killing children! – Yes, and eating them. – Did you become a Banderite? – No, I’m in the Right Sector…” 

“I want to note another interesting peculiarity: all of my husband’s family (my husband is Georgian, a refugees from Abkhazia, he saw the war that Russia started there with his own eyes), all of my Georgian family around the world is calling, writing, supporting all as one: ‘Hold on! We know what it’s like! We went through it ourselves’,” writes Tanya Artamonova. “But my family in Russia never wrote or called us, they did not even ask whether we are alive, whether we have not been eaten, the Russians, by Banderites. My friends in Russia simply stopped being friends… after many years of friendship. That’s it. A friend in need. Glory to Ukraine!”

“What is there to say about Russia, when my husband’s family from Crimea is calling and saying: ‘We saw on TV how Poroshenko said that he will check the voters lists. They will shoot those who did not vote.’ My mother in law shouted something in support of Russia before the events in the east, but now her eyes started opening slightly, she said that those who are spreading this propaganda have to be shot,” says Irina Saint.

“Yesterday I talked to my friend who lives in Moscow, she says that ‘nobody in Russia is against Ukraine,’ a good girl,” writes Katerina Krutskikh. “But my family from Luhansk first claimed that we are Banderites and fascists, that they want to be in Russia, waved foreign flags at protests and throated to shoot us if they have to and now they are fleeing, some to Vinnytsya, some to Cherkasy. Irony.” 

“Some time ago we stopped speaking to each other,” says Olya Dudnyk. “Because I am ‘aggressive,’ they are ‘absolutely innocent’ and ‘there are no Russians in Ukraine.’ Here I will cite the words that rendered me speechless and my brain exploded: ‘In Russia we live peacefully and calmly. We believe Putin. He will make the entire world understand and you will also have peace and order. Happiness and tranquility. Like we do’.” 

Source: TVi

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina


1 thought on “Russians to their families in Ukraine: We believe Putin, he will make it so that you will also have order, happiness and peace like we do

  1. OMG how can people be so brainwashed. So sad!! Ukraine needs to figure out a way to infiltrate and tell the truth in Russia about Putin.

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