Ukraine update: Incoming tanks, sanctions and EU caution

By Dmytro Tuzov

On June 19, 25 armored vehicles crossed Ukraine’s border from Russia through the Dovzhansky checkpoint: a convoy of APCs, curtain-sided KamAZ trucks, an AA gun, and three Grad-type multiple rocket launchers. Another armored column under Russian flag moved to the village of Rubizhne from the city of Luhansk. Militant sources report that they have as many as 250 T-64 tanks. The armed insurgents have been using their websites to claim the capture of vehicles from Ukrainian army depots.

Journalists at Ekho Moskvy radio in Saint Petersburg responded with some wicked humor by reporting that militants of the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics had procured some 250 tanks. “Procured,” say what? Well, maybe they’re getting some corporate donations? Or reinforcements from a kolkhoz in neighboring Rostov Oblast? Why not? Through the non-existent border?

We can’t rule out that the Kremlin and its militants have started an information campaign to cover the fact that armored vehicles are being deployed to Ukrainian territory. At least 8 and possibly up to 15 tanks with Russian flags on them in a column of separatists have been confirmed. All in all, it is typical for Putin-style propaganda: make it look like the Kremlin had nothing to do with the illegal occupation of Crimea until the peninsula was annexed by Russia and then decorate the Russian occupiers in a grand ceremony. The same goes for the actual invasion of groups of saboteurs in eastern Ukraine.

Given how difficult EU leaders are having making up their minds to launch further sanctions against the aggressor country, it might make sense to remind them (again) of some episodes from our common history. In his book “The Second World War,” Winston Churchill wrote: “We will see how calls for moderation may become the main source of fatal danger; how the middle position, taken under the influence of pursuit of safety and welfare, might lead to a catastrophe. We will witness the absolute necessity of broad international actions taken by many states, regardless any changes in their internal policies.”

And the kicker is, we already know the decisions that should have been made yesterday by Ukrainian and European politicians alike, starting with shutting down the state border and implementing real sanctions against the aggressor—and ending with proper equipment and support for the Ukraines Armed Forces.


Translation: Ivan Zhezhera, Edit: Lidia Wolanskyj

7 thoughts on “Ukraine update: Incoming tanks, sanctions and EU caution

  1. If Putin fails to de-escalate, there will be costs. Um, yeah. So I guess that while we are waiting to see if he’s going to de-escalate, him actually escalating instead doesn’t preclude the possibility that he might eventually DE-escalate. This is the perfect “out” for the feckless West (of which I am, at this point, embarrassed to say I am a part); if Putin is allowed to escalate whe we are waiting for de-escalation, then he will eventfully reach a point where he’s achieved his goals, and will begin to de-escalate in the aftermath, and the US and EU can then claim he’s finally de-escalating, showing that he’s a responsible member of the international community, and thank goodness we don’t have to take any further action.

    We desperately need a Churchill, but all we have are Chamberlains in every direction.

    It’s truly pathetic.

  2. Bullshit and lie over all this article. Just think about – who is ment to be a terrorist. It is group of armed man killing civilian people. This is what Ukraine army does in Donetsk region. Civilian people got killed in Slavyansk. No Russian troops ever entered Uikraine. It is locals who does not support Revolution in Kiev and EuroMaydan. Now all this people are being killed for their will. Dont believe Kiev – they are lying, they are killers and murderes!

    • Curious; this comment can be seen verbatim on several other articles. This isn’t a Putinbot cutting and pasting deep, carefully considered and relevant thoughts en masse to every article on Ukraine or anything, right? ‘Cause that would be deeply disturbing. This comment really does make me want to up and move to Russia, where the truth is free, just lying about on the ground, and renounce my American citizenship of lies. At least in Russia I can be robbed on the street by the police in broad daylight (seriously; I’ve personally witnessed it).

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  4. Wake up dear ukrainians, nobody in Italy, England, German or France cares where the border between Russia and Ukraine is and if Donetsk will be in Russia or in Ukraine. This is not our war, you are alone and you were naive to believe Nuland and those useless politicians from Poland, Lithuania and Sweden. So stop whining and let us enbjoy Brasil 2014

  5. The sad truth is the west is only going to give lip service and financial help to Ukraine. But ultimately I think this will be good for Ukraine. You have been independent for over 20 years. But for the first time you are becoming a nation. You can only do that by winning this war on your own.
    Best rearguards from America.

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