The Iron Sectorman. Chronicles of a bloodthirsty punisher of the junta.

The Iron Sectorman. Chronicles of a bloodthirsty punisher of the junta.

Voices of Ukraine

06.15.2014 Petr & Mazepa
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Image “The Life of an Avenger Without Cuts” “Iron RightSector Man”

Diary of a fighter who at this moment already finds himself in the thick of things in the East. Written and literarily-processed by editors from words, rare SMS and other forms of communication by the author. Supplemented constantly.

I was a foreman at a construction site, then for several years worked as a dealer in a casino, then moved to Kyiv, became a copywriter and have lived in Kyiv for five years now. I did not stand on Maidan and am not interested in politics at all, absolutely [not]. I am an absolute zero in political stories and affairs. So much so that only last week I honestly thought that the surname of Kolomoyskyi is Kolomoets, and I only learned about his controlling the “Privat” group here in…

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