Russia Freezes Roshen Accounts

Russia froze the accounts of the Ukrainian confectionery corporation Roshen on March 14, the corporation’s press secretary Inna Petrenko informed ITAR-TASS.


Petrenko also reported that Roshen has suspended production for a week at its Lipetsk facility in Russia, starting March 19. “Work has been suspended due to the fact that yesterday, March 19, company representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow conducted inspections at our Lipetsk company as part of a criminal case that we consider fabricated. Under such conditions, production is impossible,” she explained. Continue reading

Poland Fears Russian Aggression and Doubts NATO Help


Poland is greatly concerned about a possible attack from Russia, reports Yuriy Shcherbak, Ukraine’s former ambassador to the US, after a recent trip to the country. Shcherbak took part in an international conference dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the revival of the Solidarity movement in Poland and shared his experiences with Espreso.TV on March 18.

“There is a great concern there,” he said. “They are thinking primarily about themselves now. No wonder [American Vice-President Joe] Biden traveled to Poland. No wonder they are now demanding American presence in Poland. They think that Lithuania may be next.”

Shcherbak also spoke of one “terrible thing” that happened after his presentation. A vote was held on the question “Do you believe NATO will help Poland in the event of military aggression? And 80% of the participants said ‘No,’ and they are members of NATO,” he concluded. Continue reading

From Russia with Lies

Georgiy Mirskiy, historian, Honored Scientist of Russia: “The history of mankind has not seen a more deceitful system than the Russian.” 


I was thirteen years old when Stalin had started the war with Finland. The Red Army had crossed the border, and the next day the Soviet people heard on the radio: “In Terijoki city the revolted workers and soldiers have formed the Provisional People’s Government of the Finnish Democratic Republic.” The father then said: “See, no country will be able to fight with us, there will be a revolution immediately.”

I took the trouble to take out a map, explored it and said, “Dad, Terijoki is just next to the border. It seems that our troops have invaded it on the first day. I do not get it – what kind of revolt and people’s government are these?” Soon it turned out that I was absolutely right: a boy from my class had an elder brother in the NKVD [People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs] troops and a few months later he secretly shared with his brother that he was among those, who have brought comrade Otto Kuusinen, head of the Finnish Communist Party there after the infantry forces of the Red Army entered Terijoki. Everything became widely known later. That is when I, still a child, but beginning to understand politics, thought to myself for the first time: “How can our government lie like that?” Continue reading

March 18, 2014: Ukrainian PM Yatsenyuk Announces that Russia-Ukraine conflict has Reached Military Stage


Speaking at the Ministry of Defense, Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk announces that the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has reached a military stage. Yatsenyuk stated that the Russians opened fire on Ukraine’s military personnel in Crimea and called to immediately convene a meeting of defense ministers of Ukraine, US, UK and Russia, as per Budapest Memorandum.


March 18, 2014: Statement of Ukraine’s MFA on Recognition by the RF of Crimean Independence

Statement of Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the recognition by the Russian Federation of the self-proclamation of the Republic of Crimea as a subject of international law


March 17, 2014: US President Executive Order

March 17, 2014: US President Executive Order — Blocking Property of Additional Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine

March 15, 2014: Statement of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

STATEMENT of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, to all people of Ukraine – Ukrainian citizens of all nationalities