Arrested self-proclaimed governor Gubarev turned out to be an inveterate Russian Nazi (PHOTOS)

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Saturday, 8 March, 2014  15:46
Translated by Denis Gapeyev
Edited by Voices of Ukraine

It turned out that Pavel Gubarev, a pro-Russian separatist from Donetsk who declared himself a “people’s governor” used to be a member of a very distinct organization called Russian National Unity (or the Barkashovites).

“During rallies, he used to talk to old ladies about the importance of fighting against the Nazis and the Banderites. Recalling their Soviet past, the retirees applauded enthusiastically and cried “Assault!” I believe that the old ladies who used to be members of the Komsomol [Soviet Young Communist League], should see these photographs,” writes pauluskp, a well-known blogger in Donetsk.

Image Pavel Gubarev third left in the first row

Russian National Unity (RNU) is a Russian far-right nationalist and paramilitary organization founded in 1990 by Aleksandr Barkashov,  also called the “Barkashov’s Guards.” RNU members were repeatedly accused of carrying firearms illegally and…

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INVASION OF CRIMEA – March 8, 2014 – Reports from the ground


This gallery contains 6 photos.

Originally posted on Voices of Ukraine:
Source: Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance All times GMT +2 (Ukrainian local time). 8:30 – Increased Deployment of Russian Troops Report of Information Resistance Deployment of Russian troops into Crimea became more active. Over the last…

Open Letter from a Ukrainian Writer to a Russian General

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Open Letter from a Ukrainian Writer to a Russian General of the Chief Intelligence Directorate

Russian Interior Ministry movable comman
Artur Balayev
Source: Nash Rayon
Translated & edited by Voices of Ukraine

Moscow, Russian Federation
Nikolay Golubkov, Lieutenant-General of the Chief Intelligence Directorate

Kolya, hello!

Sorry for addressing you through the media, but my attempts to find the phone number or the address of a Chief Intelligence Directorate General were a failure. How many years has it been since we last met? If I’m not mistaken, it was in autumn of 1985, in Tiraspol, where I was on a chance work trip. I remember the warm, pleasant evening, and your joyful look. On that day, you, then a Commander of an intelligence company, were promoted to Captain, and you were glowing with happiness. We had a great talk, we remembered all our friends, and we hugged tight before parting. Back then, could I imagine that…

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Neo-Nazis auf der Krim (Photo)

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Neo-Nazis auf der Krim (Photo)


Am 7. Januar 2014 haben die Mitglieder der russischen Gemeinden und die Unterstützer der pro-russischen Partei der Ukraine “Russische Einheit” eine Demonstration mit dem Fakelzug auf der Krim gehalten, während denen sie die ücher über die ukrainische Geschichte (auf Russisch), die Handbücher für Physik (auf Russisch und Ukrainisch) und — merkwürdigerweise — die Bücher von tschechischen Schriftsteller Jaroslav Hasek (die Übersetzung ins Ukrainisch) verbrannt haben.

Die Aufnahmen dieser Aktion hat Blogger npubop veröffentlicht:


Der Blogger berichtet, dass einige dieser Bilder zu verschiedenen Aktionen von 2009 bis 2010 gehören. Das bedeutet, dass russische Neo-Nazi  sich schon seit 5 Jahren auf der Krim befinden.

Sind sie vielleicht genau dieselbe Russen auf der Krim, die Putins Hilfe brauchen?

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An appeal concerning the latest events in Ukraine Kharkiv by the Kharkiv Historical-Philological Society

Voices of Ukraine

To all scholars of the world, learned societies, university staff, men of letters and arts

The Kharkiv Historico-Philological Society, founded in 1886 by the leading professors of the University of Kharkiv, addresses the following message to the scholarly community of the world.

Prof.  Ihor Mykhailyn, PhDProf. Ihor Mykhailyn, PhD

On the 1st of March 2014, a violent clash was staged in Kharkiv between the supporters of Ukraine’s European integration and the so-called ralliers “for stability and restoration of order”. The supporters of the Maidan for Europe, numbering a little over 100, most of them university freshmen, were peacefully located in the premises of the Provincial Administration to which they had been invited on the 23rd of February by the Deputy Governor Vasyl Khoma. They were demanding the appointment of a new Governor instead of the deeply compromised Mykhailo Dobkin, a long-time henchman of the ousted President Yanukovych.

That same Dobkin, together with his…

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Source: Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance

Brothers, here is a summary of March 6:
(for summary of the previous day, see Summary of March 5)

The situation is not getting better. It looks like our society has recovered from the first shock of the Russian invasion. The current attitude is persisting bewilderment and rejection of the Kremlin’s deranged behavior.

The bad news:

1. Crimea, under the rule of Putin’s Gauleiters, is quickly preparing an emergency exit from Ukraine. Uncle Vova [Putin] is in a bit of a pickle – his lies about ‘no Russian soldiers in Crimea’ are now working against him. The international community is completely on Kyiv’s side, and the Ukrainian military, after recovering from the initial stupor, started making concrete plans. The time is working against Putin.

Thus, the forced mode of stealing the Crimea is being activated. Obviously, the Kremlin had hoped to separate the entire…

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INVASION OF CRIMEA – March 6 – reports from the ground


This gallery contains 8 photos.

Originally posted on Voices of Ukraine:
Infographic courtesy of Hromadske.TV 07:10 – Russian Troops Renew Some Blockades Report of Information Resistance Unfortunately, just as we feared, the removed troops did not stay away for long. In Perevalnoye, the Russian soldiers…

To Russian Officers – From a Ukrainian Officer

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To Russian Officers – From a Ukrainian Officer

Source: Blog at Echo Moskvy
Translated by Voices of Ukraine

Long ago, back in 1988, I took an Oath to serve the Soviet People.

My grandfather and father were officers – one in the Red Army, the other in the Soviet Army.

Today, I’m a Ukrainian officer who took an Oath to serve the Ukrainian People. My tag bears my ID number, and above it, the letters still say ‘USSR Internal Troops’. I didn’t change my ID number, and I will keep it as long as I live.

Today, I am talking to you, senior officers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, who have the right to send other people’s sons to die, while you remain in relative safety.

We, the Ukrainian people, are going through difficult and hungry times now, as we are recovering from the revolution while economic…

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