Today in tweets – June 4

Ukrainian MP Oleg Tsarev REWARD of 500,000 USD upon presentation to Ukrainian authorities…

About 300 armed men are storming and shooting at National Guard…

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Today in tweets – May 31

Number of Russia troops near Ukrainian border is decreasing…

3 Berkut officers under arrest over Feb shooting at ppl on Maidan…

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Today in tweets – May 30

Stop FAKE in Ukraine…

Border guards detained cars with weapons coming from Russia…

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Today in tweets – May 29

A new twitter hashtag #SaveDonbasPeople is widely used now.

The terrorists shot down Ukrainian helicopter near Sloviansk. Ukrainian servicemen, including 1 Army General died

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MP Andriy Parubiy: Verkhovna Rada will either vote for the demands of Maidan or be blocked

 This week they want to vote for a pro-Russian Prime-Minister in the parliament. They want to sell our independence for USD 15 billion. That’s USD 15 billion to scatter Maidan and keep power to themselves. Instead of satisfying the demands of Maidan, the government is complying with the Kremlin’s instructions.

We have no right to allow it. The Verkhovda Rada must either comply with Maidan’s demands or stop working. The amnesty law itself does not solve any problems. All names and surnames remain in the prosecution’s files. But no criminal in uniform has been punished. Continue reading