Up to 250 Mercenaries Killed in Recent ATO Actions, Says Informatsionnoe Soprotivlenie – June 14, 2014

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Informatsionnoe Soprotivlenie (IS)

14 June 2014, 9:15 a.m.

ATO Forces Have Killed 250 Mercenaries, Russian Army Trying to Evacuate Dead and Wounded – “Information Resistance (IS)” (Translation by William Risch, Georgia College)

 The bodies of around 80 destroyed terrorists have been made ready for delivery to Russia in the vicinity of Diakovo.  These are Russian mercenaries who died during combat with Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) forces.

There have been estimates of up to 250 destroyed and around 300 wounded in the towns of Saur-Mohyla and Dmytrovka.

There currently are attempts by Russia to enter Ukraine’s territory to evacuate the dead and wounded.  In the past few days there have been columns of vehicles spotted, with Russian armed forces air support, entering 3-6 kilometers within our country’s borders, at areas of the state border controlled by militants.

In the city of Antratsyt, there has been panic among the ranks of…

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Ukrainian Parachutists Downed over Luhansk – June 14, 2014

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TSN, 14 June 2014, 1:32 a.m.


Confidential Sources: Terrorists Strike Il-76 Plane with Ukrainian Parachutists

An Il-76 was struck by terrorists while attempting to land in Luhansk. TSN.ua received this information from sources in the Ukrainian Army.

According to available information, there were about 30 people on board. This included both parachutists and crew.

It is not known at this time if anyone survived the plane crash.

The plane attempted to land from the eastern side of the airport. The terrorists struck it with a rocket sent by portable air defense (MANPAD).

Earlier it had been reported that parachuters had repulsed another attack at the Luhansk airport.

Original link: http://tsn.ua/ukrayina/u-lugansku-teroristi-zbili-il-76-z-ukrayinskimi-desantnikami-354514.html

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“This is Not My War” – Update from Sloviansk, June 9, 2014

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A friend of the Facebook group, Euromaidan News in English, sent this report from Sloviansk, Ukraine, the scene of fierce fighting between pro-Ukrainian and pro-separatist forces. As with this person’s previous report, posted on this website in May, I have withheld the names of the author and translator. I have changed transliterations of place names from Russian to Ukrainian. 

“This is Not My War”

We had to get out of Sloviansk. It’s too dangerous. We were spending the nights in the basement of our apartment building, it was too damp. It’s just terrible. War is war, what can I say? We fled the city to save our lives. As for our possessions—we left them behind and what will be will be. At least our family is together. When people flee Sloviansk, their apartments are occupied by the so-called separatists/“home guard,” and then probably the National Guard will come in, and…who…

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Deserter Caught in the Donbas – May 22, 2014

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Photo Shared by Euromaidan Activist Vitaliy Umanets on Facebook May 23, 2014

(Translation by William Risch, Georgia College)

“My First Prisoner”

A prisoner taken while still warm, this very night. In the building he and three other fuckups (vyrodky) were overstaying their welcome in with a family (a mother and two daughters, aged 6 and 9; they lost their father 4 years ago in an accident)… After her home was seized, the mother and her children moved in with friends; she has no relatives in town… When she was passing through a nearby village yesterday, she complained to us. We weren’t able to tell the special units about it. They had a lot of work over the night, though they weren’t that far away from us… We got a group together, we rolled in (I’m not adding photos of the bodies of the other three, they’re a different…

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A Voice From Slavyansk – May 23, 2014

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Translator’s introduction, May 14, 2014:  A friend of the Facebook group, Euromaidan News in English, in Donetsk oblast solicited this narrative from a resident of Slavyansk. It provides a valuable insider’s point of view on the current situation, from a long-time local resident. Translation is from the Russian, please forgive errors in English.

The Root of the problem

If anyone had told me back in September this would be happening here, I would have laughed at them. I don’t want to elevate Ukrainians, or Russians, above other peoples…but you can understand how such conflicts could happen in Egypt, or in Syria, where religious differences can fuel such disagreements. I never expected to see such conflicts here. The anti-east and anti-west feelings here—they are being stirred up by politicians. Friends from western Ukraine, and Kyiv, are constantly saying me—“come stay with us,” “let us help you,” and so on…

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For First Time Ever, Ukraine Remembers Those Killed in World War II under the European Symbol of the Red Poppy on May 8, 2014


1939 – 1945 Never again

Victory Day undergoes a long-awaited paradigm change in 2014 when celebrations commemorating those who died in the Second World War take place on May 8, on the eve of traditional celebrations of victory in the Great Patriotic War.

During Yanukovych’s presidency, Victory Day was celebrated in a typically Soviet fashion. In 2011, an attempt was made to legalize the presence of Soviet flags during celebrations. The law was passed by Parliament and signed by the President, but it was finally deemed unconstitutional. Attempts to use Soviet symbols in particular and the overall sovietization of the holiday during Ukraine’s independence, when a national vision of the role of Ukrainians in the war began to materialize, led to additional civil strife in society and became another fault line between its citizens. Continue reading

Crimean Guards Coming to Fight in Ukraine? – May 2, 2014

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English-Language Summary of Video Address by Crimean Guards to the People of South-East Ukraine, Posted May 2, 2014 (by William Risch, Georgia College):

This man (unidentified) says that two battalions of Crimean guards (krymskie opolchentsy) are going to South-East Ukraine from Crimea today. They are coming because regular Ukrainian Army forces and Right Sector militants have been bombing Sloviansk and other towns in the region. He issues a warning to the mothers and wives of Right Sector to take their “children” out of the region, because their forces will take no prisoners. They will destroy the enemy, wherever it stands in the way of simple people in South-East Ukraine. He ends his address telling the people of South-East Ukraine to “hang in there,” that “we are with you.”

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“Men in Black” Stop Kharkiv Separatists – May 1, 2014

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Photo posted on Facebook by Ihor Mosiychuk, Chief Press Secretary of the Social-National Assembly (SNA), translation by William Risch, Georgia College:

Men in Black Stopped Separatism’s Flourishing in Kharkiv

It’s clear that today, on May 1, separatists in Kharkiv had planned operations aimed at seizing state institutions, seizing weapons, and setting up a Kharkiv People’s Republic. In reality, the collaborators were only able to conduct a small First of May demonstration on a reservation guarded by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVS), a demonstration where pseudo-workers supposedly rooted for Ukrainian workers.
But why didn’t a separatist orgy happen in Kharkiv? The fact is that about 300 so-called men in black showed up in town in the morning, and they patrolled the city with the support of local patriots and Ultras. They managed to warn people about traitors to the Fatherland making speeches and localize their speechmaking. Currently the men…

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Donetsk Journalist on Russian Media Fabrications – April 28, 2014

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Facebook Status Update from Vera Kholmgorova, Donetsk Journalist (translated by William Risch, Georgia College):

Reflections. About convictions, journalism, and professional ethics. Stirred up by yesterday’s events (April 28, 2014).

The Russian news agency ITAR-TASS presented news about supporters of Russia brutally breaking up a meeting for Ukraine in Donetsk as Ukrainian fascists from Right Sector attacking a peaceful march against commemorations of the SS Galicia division’s founding.

Yes. Exactly that. There are a lot of sources on the web, so I won’t give them here.

It’s awful, especially for those who were there yesterday (including some, like myself, who were there for professional reasons). And it’s strange, to be honest.

Russian propaganda has known no shame. For a long time. And it was never ashamed. And now it’s even less ashamed, because there wouldn’t have been anything surprising, let’s say, if there appeared news on TASS about brave Russian patriots…

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