Fear and Trembling in Donbas

By Lesia Hanzha, exclusively for Ukrainska Pravda

I’m a girl, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I was scared while in Donbas. But it weren’t the bullets I feared the most.

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Today in tweets – May 27

Anti-terror operation continues

Terrorist training camp was destroyed

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Appel de Timochenko à l’opposition parlementaire (le texte de sa lettre en entier)

Voices of Ukraine

Bonjour à toute mon équipe,

Je regarde comme vous vous battez sur les barricades, et avec quelle ardeur vous luttez pour obtenir un résultat.

Je suis certaine que vous êtes conscients de votre part de responsabilité dans ce tournant historique. La dictature, comme une bête sauvage qui se précipite en quête de sang, a temporairement piégé le mouvement de protestation. Désormais, vous pouvez ou bien aider le peuple à se libérer ou bien empêcher de commettre des erreurs fatales pour triompher ensemble, avec l’Ukraine.

Les énergies révolutionnaires sont si puissantes qu’elles peuvent élever la nation à un autre niveau de développement, comme elles peuvent aussi ôter l’espoir du peuple durant des années. Aujourd’hui, il est donc essentiel de ne pas se tromper.

Vous avez vu que Ianoukovitch a choisi de diriger le pays par le biais d’une méthode singulière. Il fait dix pas en avant pour construire une dictature, puis…

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VOICES OF THE REVOLUTION: “We are people too, it’s our job” – Interview with Berkut

Voices of Ukraine

“We are people too and we’re just doing our job.”
Interview with riot policemen injured during clashes in Kyiv.

Interviewed by Ilya Azar (Kyiv)
14:34, 28 January 2014
Translated by Vo Lya

Ukrainian special forces are ready to crush Euromaidan on the order of authorities, and this was feared to happen as early as Tuesday morning before the opening of the Verkhovna Rada [the Ukrainian Parliament] session. Berkut [special forces riot police] policemen don’t think protesters are people, but just a paid mob, loafers and hobos, says an injured special forces policeman during our interview at one of the hospitals in Kyiv. Unlike special forces policemen, soldiers of the internal troops, placed as a barrier between Berkut and the opposition, are beginning to stir up. They are being continually persuaded to join people and though they still keep at a neutral distance, at least another draft soldier whom Lenta.ru…

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SHOCK! Russian special services kidnapped a Russian journalist and knocked out all his teeth

Voices of Ukraine

Translated by Marina Grip
Source: http://konung-ogin.livejournal.com/791345.html


Fate is a funny thing… I have just written an article about this friend of mine – an honest Russian journalist, Nikita Perfiliev, who had come to Maidan being neutral to what was happening, but had quickly understood everything and taken the side of the Ukrainian people. Three days ago, we met on Maidan, had some sandwiches and coffee in the Ukrainian House. By the way, the photo with the Cossack saber was made by him.

But now I must completely rewrite the article because yesterday Nikita was kidnapped by some people wearing plain clothes who spoke Russian without a Ukrainian accent (with clear ”a”), taken to their base, beaten all night, had all of his teeth knocked out, stole all of his money and his Russian passport. Well, at least my ears were spared, says Nikita. After that, not so long ago…

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Amnesty law: Yanukovych stopped mutiny within his party

ImageYesterday, January 29th, the Parliament could have adopted not only amnesty law, but also constitutional reform and set a new majority, writes The Insider.

Initially, four amnesty bills providing for release of Maidan activists have been brought into the Parliament, with two coming from the opposition MPs and the other two from Party of the Regions (PoR).

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Jewish community outraged at Berkuts’ antisemitic propaganda

All-Ukrainian NGO “Ukrainian Independent Council of Jewish Women” sent an open letter to President Yanukovych and the Minister of Internal Affairs Vitaly Zakharchenko due to the fact of anti-Semitism on the page of Special Forces “Berkut” in the social network Facebook, as reported by “Jewish Kyiv”.
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Support Euromaidan activists without leaving home

1615035_10152330227382679_932951719_nInternet-users that express their solidarity with Ukrainians under occupation and protesters of EuroMaidan in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine can provide remote financial assistance. Injured activists need treatment, families of those who died are also in need of support. Activists need means of personal protection, hotlines need money for mobile phones. TV channels that make online broadcasts of current events also need your help in order to make it possible for you to follow the current events in Ukraine live. The volunteer team of EuromaidanPR is also accepting donations.

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