Today in tweets – June 6

World leaders met today to commemorate the D-Day in Normandy, France. Ukraine President-Elect Poroshenko was invited as well

In fact, Poroshenko had a short talk with Putin and Merkel. Different sources report about a handshake that did or did not take place. Anyways, there is no photo or video proof of one.

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Today in tweets – June 5

Anti-terror operation is going on. According to ATO forces, more cities are being freed from the terrorists

The operation in Krasnyi Lyman, for instance, went successfully and Ukrainian flag is back on the city administration building and the regional police station

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Today in tweets – June 4

Ukrainian MP Oleg Tsarev REWARD of 500,000 USD upon presentation to Ukrainian authorities…

About 300 armed men are storming and shooting at National Guard…

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Today in tweets – June 3

Ukraine MFA announced that Russia is promoting terrorism in Ukraine

The active phase of anti-terror operation started in Slovyansk, Krasnyi Lyman, Kramatorsk

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Today in tweets – June 2

Putin made it to the urban dictionary

HQ of border control in Luhansk Oblast was attacked today. It has been under the terrorist attack since 4 a.m. Kyiv time

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Today in tweets – May 31

Number of Russia troops near Ukrainian border is decreasing…

3 Berkut officers under arrest over Feb shooting at ppl on Maidan…

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Today in tweets – May 30

Stop FAKE in Ukraine…

Border guards detained cars with weapons coming from Russia…

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Today in tweets – May 29

A new twitter hashtag #SaveDonbasPeople is widely used now.

The terrorists shot down Ukrainian helicopter near Sloviansk. Ukrainian servicemen, including 1 Army General died

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Today in tweets – May 28

Terrorists often open fire in the residential areas of the Eastern Ukraine. They have already killed and wounded civilians

Some terrorists are demoralized, some are giving up. There are some of them who are ready to negotiate with ATO forces

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Today in tweets – May 27

Anti-terror operation continues

Terrorist training camp was destroyed

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