Russian troops near Ukraine could reach Transdnistria – NATO

ImageMonday, March, 24, 2014, 17:32

The Russian troops concentrated near the Ukrainian border are numerous enough to get to Transdnistria. CNN reports that the news comes from Supreme Commander of NATO forces in Europe Philip Bridlov.

The general expressed his concern that the army focused on the border with Ukraine can pose a threat to Transdnistria and Moldova. “(The Russian) forces located on the eastern border with Ukraine are very large and in full readiness,” said Bridlov. “There’s absolutely enough troops on the eastern border of Ukraine to reach Transdnistria – if such a decision is taken – and it is very disturbing,” – he said.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry stated that the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine is very high, because the Russian troops have withdrawn from the border, but have not returned to their bases.

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VIDEO VOICES of the Revolution: KOZAK SYSTEM – “Brother for Brother” (new video)

Video Voices of the Revolution: KOZAK SYSTEM’s new video “Brother for Brother”

Voices of Ukraine


The song “Brother for Brother” by Kozak System is an unusual combination of forces of Polish-Ukrainian music in solidarity with the fight for freedom and democracy in Ukrainian society. This protest song is a joint effort of Kozak System (Ukraine), Enej and Darek Maleo Malejonka, artists with a strong position in music.

Directed by – Matthew Winkiel
Photos – Luke Łazarczyk, Simon Mrozowski, Martin Pabiniak
Editing – Michael Berensztajn
Implementation and Production – Mania Studio
Pyrotechnics: Artur Sobieraj (
In the video uses archive footage courtesy of TV


Song “Brother for Brother” by the band KOZAK SYSTEM, together with Polish bands ENEJ and Maleo Reggae Rockers
Ukrainian. Text Alexander Polozhynsky
Polish text – Enej and Maleo Reggae Rockers

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How history repeats itself – Russia’s Lebensraum…

Russia’s Lebensraum – History Repeats Itself

Voices of Ukraine

“Dedicated to the departed Vaclav Havel… a writer, a humanist, a dissident, a prisoner, a human rights activist, a diplomat and a human being who managed to stand tall against Russian aggression in all its forms… Fighting with his pen and non-violence.

A moral compass that helped newly-born Czechoslovakia to rebuild.”

How history repeats itself –
Russia’s Lebensraum…

By Farouk Mogheth
03.20.2014 14:51
Edited by Voices of Ukraine

“An old man who says he was born in Austria-Hungary, went to school in Czechoslovakia, married in Hungary, worked most of his life in the Soviet Union and now lives in Ukraine. “Traveled a lot, then?” asks his interviewer. “No, I never moved from Uzhorod.”

This is not a riddle but a representation of history and geopolitics in Central and Eastern Europe. I am a Czech citizen (35) and the above could be something my grandmother would have said as she was…

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General Prosecutor’s office announces more false rumors being spread by Russian special services in Crimea

Recently, there have been several media reports about the alleged dissolution of Crimean Ukrainian Army units and instances of holding military personnel criminally liable for treason.

This is false information prepared in advance by the Russian special services in order to further destabilize the situation in Crimea and undermine the morale of the Ukrainian military, reports, citing an announcement by the General Prosecutor’s press service. Continue reading

St. Petersburg: Sberbank credit cards declined in a store

Russian Sberbank credit cards declined in St. Petersburg lingerie store…

Voices of Ukraine

Sberbank of Russia Sberbank of Russia.
Photo credit:

By Anya Borisova
03.21.2014 Facebook
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

In my wildest dreams, I have never imagined that I would be sincerely glad for these things to happen! I am waiting in line at a lingerie shop on Nevsky Prospect [main street in St. Petersburg, Russia]. A man in front of me is paying for the numerous gifts intended for his girlfriend who stands nearby. Suddenly, the salesperson gives his Visa card, then a MasterCard back, announcing that the payment won’t go through. I take a close look and see that both cards are issued by Sberbank of Russia. I cannot help smiling, while the man is upset and totally oblivious to what’s happening. I could not hold out any longer and decided to explain to him that he should thank his Keiser for meddling in Crimea. The question followed: “Are…

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All Crimeans to remain Ukrainian citizens

Government Minister Ostap Semerak notes that Ukrainian citizens who are being coerced into obtaining Russian passports will remain citizens of Ukraine.

Ukraine passportAs announced by Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers, Ostap Semerak, Ukraine continues to recognize Crimeans that are to receive Russian passports as citizens of Ukraine. “Ukrainian citizens who are being coerced into obtaining Russian passports remain citizens of Ukraine. This contradicts the law of Ukraine because Ukraine does not recognize dual citizenship, but in this instance, with a part of Ukrainian territory having been seized and residents forced into accepting passports of a neighboring country, it will be recognized.” Continue reading

HEROES OF MAIDAN: Alim, “Crimea_SOS” organizer

Meet 25-hr-old media consultant, ALIM, who helped launch “Crimea_SOS” and is one of our Voices of the Revolution.

Voices of Ukraine

1979277_763528703657362_416785035_oBy Maidaners
03.20.2014 Facebook
Translated by Paweł Łapiński and edited by Voices of Ukraine 

Alim is a 25 year old media consultant. He is one of the people involved in launching the Crimea_SOS initiative in social networks.

Everything began on the morning of February 27, 2014. It was already known that crowds of “little green men” with strange intentions were coming to Crimea. “No one understood what was going on yet,” remembers the young man. He called his friends – Tamila Tasheva and Sevgil Musayeva. Together, they decided to create an information resource about Crimea. They received a lot of conflicting information, and it was necessary to verify and collect it in one spot. That’s how they founded Crimea_SOS.

Soon, people started calling Crimea_SOS to report operational information from the peninsula. But also to offer their help. Many calls came from residents of Kyiv and Lviv, who said that…

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Vitaly Portnikov: Putin’s Human Shield

Portnikov on Russian soldiers hiding behind women and children as human shields.

Voices of Ukraine

426747_20140130123041By Vitaly Portnikov
20.03.2014  LiveJournal
Translated by Olya Lutska and Edited by Isis for Voices of Ukraine

It’s the dirtiest war in modern history

When, at the beginning of Russian actions in Crimea, Vladimir Putin told reporters that, “the Russian soldiers will stand behind the people – not in front, but behind,” many commentators took these words of the president to be a figure of speech. But lately Putin has started to share with journalists (more openly than during the previous years of his presidency) not emotions, but his plans.

Russian troops who stormed the Headquarters of the Ukrainian South Navy Base wereactually hiding behindwomen and children. And just in case he can’t get women anymore, Aksenov’s “militias” should step in to ensure the safety of Russian soldiers.

Of course, the building is outfitted with a Staff tractor (hopefully, it is not the same tractor that…

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