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Georgian stars release music video WE ARE UKRAINIANS (lyrics in link)

Kharkiv citizens’ appeal to the International Community:

GoPro: Euromaidan on 8 December, 2013 in Kyiv, Ukraine

Our teammate Angel flew over Euromaidan with GoPro on the 8th of December 2013, when more than million Ukrainians went into the main streets and squares of Kyiv for peaceful protest… Enjoy the view and power of our people.
Special thanks to DakhaBrakha for their music and kind consent to use excerpt of song “Vesna” (Spring) in the video.

A wonderful video setting the end speech from ‘The Great Dictator’ to images and clips from EuroMaidan.

As a special feature of the gatherings on Maidan Nezalezhnosti, at nighttime hundreds of thousands of protesters shone flashlights while the Ukrainian anthem was playing.

As anti-government demonstrations in Ukraine enter a third month, women are playing a central role in the protests and in defending the capitals main square. Women brigades have been set-up to help protesters defend themselves against the authorities and even survive a riot situation. Al Jazeeras Neave Barker reports from Kyiv.

Leaders of the famous Polish “Solidarność” addressing the Ukrainian Euromaidan with their message of support.

There is a lot of gossip in the internet about the fact that “Right Sector” activists offend Jewish people. To find our what the Jews themselves have to say please watch the interview with this Jewish girl. This interview takes place at the tent where veterans of Afghan war made a hospital for injured activists.

Thousands of Ukrainians sing the Ode of Joy as the anthem of Euromaidan at the same time as the President of Ukraine is en route to Vilnius for the EU Summit. Ukrainians cherish the hopes for the change and improvement in their country and believe their massive peaceful demonstration can influence the decisions of the top officials of the country.
(c) Zoya Shu

Foreigners on Euromaidan | Who and why came to Kyiv to join Euromaidan? Pole Piotr Novak arrived in Kyiv, where he took some video interviews with several foreigners from Poland, Belarus and Germany, which have disclosed the reasons for their stay in Ukraine.

During a two-month period, human rights activists and lawyers have barely had the time to document the beatings, abuse, harassment, disregard for rights and freedom during detention and the setting of bail, violations of the right to privacy during searches, and violations of the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression.

Cossacks, rebels, hirelings, insurgents?
Let’s take a closer look at what Maidan Self-Defense really is.
LIVE TV journalists tell the story of this unique social self-organization phenomenon. We visited fortifications at Instytutska street, looked into everyday lives of the Maidan Self-Defense squadrons, watched the drills, and met an activist of the Polish Solidarnösc [Solidarity] movement that came to Maidan to follow his heart after the tragic events at Hrushevskoho street.

Protester at Maidan tells what is wrong in Ukraine

Very strong statement from a brave Ukrainian woman who summarises everything about Euromaidan in just two minutes.

BLOOM TWINS with a powerful Bob Marley “Get Up, Stand Up” jazz cover

Ukrainian Revolution. Most video content from Babylon13 team.

People of #Euromaidan

Price of democracy


6 thoughts on “English Videos

  1. Thank you for this page and the information contained! I feel so sad, angry and helpless here in Dublin (Ireland) about what is and has been happening in Ukrane………I am so impressed and moved by the bravery and spirit of ordinary Ukranian people and am so so sorry to hear about so many deaths and injuries……….is there anything I / we can do here in Dublin to show our support. Is there any Ukranian network based here that we can link in with / support? перемога!!!

    • yeah………………………..well………………….when the post office caught fire………..I started singing ‘The Foggy Dew’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • So good to see someone from my homeland in Ireland wanting to get invovled in something they know nothing about. It is about brother fighting brother there is no need for further invovlement of anybody else be it as an indervidual or even the EU who started all this and the same goes for the USA and russia . Never mind all this talk of resistence but you need to talk about understanding each others fears and hopes for the future not running to the barricades and hurting each other your gonna take us into WW 3 ! stop all this nationalistic rubbish before its too late !

  2. Thank you for all the inspiration my friends. This is the great revolution of Europe and the future belongs to the Ukrainian people because you are free!

  3. Euromaidan Was great and peacefull at the beginning BUT,
    After few days extremistic parties showed up and started to overtake majdan.
    From the half of december up to february it was all about violence and provoking policemen.

    I am still surprised How such long time were police so calm and used only shields and sticks, mostly They did nothing just stayed and were blocked some parts of streets or buildings.
    Almost 3 months without to use any weapon.

    It would be impossible in any other country on West, US or EU.
    Usually if any sign of violence is showed, police is using immediately smoke grenades, rubber bullets, water cannons, and aresting the most violent individuals.
    In few days meeting is ended up.
    Look at Occupy wall street, in Riots UK last year, Greece….
    Janukovic was too soft.

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