Akhmetov decides to support the new government in Ukraine


Wednesday, February 26, 11:37 a.m.

SCM Holding, owned by oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, deems it necessary to implement reforms in the country, introduce effective mechanisms for state administration, significantly extend powers of local authorities, and increase the transparency and accountability of the government to civil society.

This was announced in a statement from SCM.

“We believe that Ukraine has enormous potential. Like all Ukrainians, we strive to build a new country, where democracy and the supremacy of law to ensure the protection of property, free competition, and social security, will be established.”

SCM declares that it is ready for the introduction of a new, coordinated system, and to work within it. “Using all means available, we will promote the achievement of set goals for the prosperity of Ukraine,” the statement says.

SCM notes that the events of the last three months have become the most tragic page in the history of Ukraine, and together with the whole country it is mourning the fallen, expressing its deep condolences to their family and friends. Continue reading

Akhmetov Has Demanded to Stop Talking about Separatism


“Ukrainian billionaire Renat Akhmetov is against federalization and separatism,” the Head of Donetsk State Administration Andrei Shyshatskyi said at his press conference.

“Akhmetov is at home, in the country.  I met him and we talked that a peacefulsolution must be found. He was and is against the further use of force escalating as an answer. Ukraine must be one and undivided;  there must be no talks about separatism and federalization – that was his position,” – said Shyshatskyi.

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Yanukovych, Akhmetov and Firtash must pay the price instead of throwing bones to Maidan The

загруженноеSerhiy Leshchenko

The fact is that the Parliament voted to diminish Yanukovych’s powers through a return to the 2004 Constitution, and that Yanukovych agreed to holding early elections in December 2014. This was the resistance’s agenda a month ago. Before the first human victims. Like the opposition leaders, Yanukovych is lagging behind in his understanding of the situation.

Listen to the people on Maidan. Basically, today we want Yanukovych’s head. Whoever brings it to Maidan will be declared a national hero. Tens of thousands of people will donate toward the bounty. Quite possibly a street will be named after him. Continue reading