French firearm expert proves live ammunition used by the police

From the many pictures, videos, and documents that I have reviewed online, I would like to comment on the use of live ammunition by the riot police. I read many comments online from EuroMaidaners and anti-Maidan, all related to the use of live ammunition. There were a lot of mistakes and inaccurate comments from both sides.

One fact cannot be denied: live rounds were shot by the riot police, particularly 12-caliber special purpose ammunition capable of perforating and breaking through the engine block of a car. The authorities denied using such ammunition, clearly stating, “We do not use live ammunition, only rubber bullets.”

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Who is shooting whom in Kyiv: Photos from downtown Kyiv on 20 February 2014.


Photo by

February 20th, 2014. 14:48

Journalists photographed armed men firing weapons in Kyiv, Ukraine. One of the shooters has an armband with a Berkut emblem. Snipers have been spotted on the roof of the Cabinet of Ministers administrative building and Hotel Ukraine, and on Instytutska and Bankova streets. Several protesters were shot on their way to Hrushevskiy Street.

Police previously alleged that police officers were also shot by snipers, and for that reason it was decided to remove ordinary police from central streets. Heavily armed special forces have now been seen in the streets of Kyiv.

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