How separatism was tamed in Kharkiv



Ukrainian flags in front of the Kharkiv Oblast State Administration

The pro-Russian movement in Kharkiv is disorganized and blocked, local officials report. There is calm in the city. Leaders of the anti-Maidan, who are currently in hiding, claim the calm is but a temporary phenomenon.

Instead of several thousand people, only several dozen — a hundred at most — get together on a daily basis. Buses no longer arrive in the city from Russian Belgorod or from Crimea or Donbas filled with people used as “extras” in the aggressive crowds that as recently as March and April moved around with no opposition from law enforcement in the center of the city and attempted in various ways to pound the “banderite” idea out of the heads of the supporters of united Ukraine.

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April 17 in Ukraine: Summary

I thought we finally need a positive picture amid all the dismal events.

So, what has April 17 brought us?

  1. 3 dead, 13 wounded, and more than 60 captured separatists in Mariupol.
  2. $5 million cash from the bags of traffickers detained on a Donbas-bound Crimea train.
  3. 1 ‘little green man’ turned in to the authorities in exchange for $10K.
  4. Several thousand participant strong rallies for united Ukraine and against the Russian invasion in Donetsk and Kramatorsk.
  5. The Radiant Putin’s conversation with his cronies disclosing how the NATO suppresses Dima Kiselev; that Lukyanenko is able to publish his books again; that Iraq has its problems; that the Crimean ‘little green men’ have been Russian all along; and that half of Ukraine’s territory is some sort of the New Russia received as a gift from the Bolsheviks (at this point, I really wanted to smack that Botox rat, but, alas, that was unrealistic.)
  6. Verkhovna Rada approved creation of independent Public Television and Public Radio.
  7. Cowards who surrendered their weapons outside of Kramatorsk and Slaviansk yesterday in exchange for whoosafudge will be charged and tried, while the squad of so-called “commandos” from Dnipropetrovsk that pulled off that shameful act will be disbanded.
  8. The soldiers in Mariupol who stood their ground at the military base are going to receive a bonus of UAH 500K.
  9. There will be no targets for tax inspectors to meet anymore. That means, any ‘collection visits’ become illegal from now on.
  10. The punishment for separatism and seizure of government buildings will now range from 5-8 years to life in prison, depending on circumstances and presence/absence of casualties.
  11. The European Parliament has voted for the right of Ukraine to submit an application for its full-fledged EU membership following its association.
  12. Bulgaria has dismantled the South Stream pipelines, while the European Parliament has voted to terminate this project and roll back the program of Russian gas consumption.
  13. The border with Russia and Crimea will be under strict control targeting in particular, the entry into Ukraine of men aged 16 to 60 with unclear intentions.
  14. Pavel Durov has confirmed that he refused to turn in the information on members, administrators, and moderators of Euromaidan-related VKontakte social network groups to to the Federal Security Service of Russia, and paid for it by losing his share in the company, and his position.

Any other good news that I may have missed? Feel free to add. 🙂 Glory to Ukraine and those who do not shame it, generally speaking.


15. The Security Service of Ukraine / the Office of the Prosecutor General brought criminal charges against Sberbank of Russia in Ukraine for separatism and terrorism financing.
16. The Office of the Prosecutor General has reported the third count of separatism charges against Oleh Tsariov.
17. The Geneva Statement has been adopted, and it makes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia bite you-know-what instead of ‘federalization’.

Source: Alexander Melnik’s FB post
Translated by Olga Ruda
Edited and UPD translated by Inga Kononenko

Pro-Ukraine demonstrations held in Luhansk, Odesa, and Kryvyy Rih

Demonstration for a united Ukraine in Luhansk


Demonstrations for the unity of Ukraine took place in Luhansk, Odesa, and Kryvyy Rih on Sunday, April 13, reports Ukrainska Pravda, citing Ukrinform and other sources.

In Luhansk, on the square by the Taras Shevchenko monument, a demonstration took place with blue and yellow Ukrainian flags and slogans “Luhansk is Ukraine.” Police stood together with the Luhansk self-defense forces.

As reported by Ukrinform, some 1,000 people gathered on the square and appealed to the country’s leadership to end separatism in the Donbas region and to bring to criminal prosecution those who finance separatist activities.

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Kharkiv residents demonstrate for a united Ukraine


More than 2,000 people gathered in Kharkiv late Tuesday, March 25, with Ukrainian flags and other national symbols near the Taras Shevchenko monument in the city center, reports Ukrinform.

People shouted “For a united Ukraine, including Crimea!” and “No to separatism.”

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