Ukrainian Government Closes Border Points With Russia

The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers decided to close some checkpoints on the border with Russia.

This was announced on Thursday evening by its press service.

Movement through the following border points is terminated:
Luhansk Oblast – Dolzhanskiy, Chervonopartyzansk, Chervona Mohyla Novoborovytsi, Krasnodar, Sjeverniy;
Donetsk Oblast – Marynivka.

The government instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to inform the Russian side of this decision. Continue reading


Over 30,000 Shelters Prepared for the Donbas Refugees

4 June 2014

According to the First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, a database of the locations where people from “critical” regions can move to has been created.

Over 30,000 shelters have been prepared for the refugees from the “critical” regions of Ukraine, as reported by the First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Vitaliy Yarema before the government meeting.

According to Mr. Yarema, within the last week only around 15,000 refugees fled from Donetsk Oblast. Continue reading

Russia Condemns Ukraine ATO While Conducting Its Own in Dagestan (Video +18)

Compilation and comments by Vitalii Usenko


“Putin stresses the need to immediately end the punitive operation in South-East Ukraine,” “Patriarch Kirill urges Poroshenko to end bloodshed in Ukraine,” “Russia’s Public Chamber urges Kyiv to stop the punitive operation in Donetsk,”  Russian agency ITAR-TASS reported on May 27, 2014. Continue reading

National Guard Conscripts Address Residents of Donbas – VIDEO with English subs

National Guard conscripts in the zone of the Anti-terrorist operation have addressed Ukrainians. Their goal is to protect residents of the Eastern towns from danger, to bring the peace and order that all Ukrainians dream about. This is stated in the video message of the National Guard, reports TSN.

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How to save the Donbas


By Pavlo Zhovnirenko, for UP, May 13, 2014

The Internet is abuzz with dissatisfaction with the actions, or rather the inaction, of the government and security forces in the East. This grumbling is appropriate. However, many also disapprove of the “passivity” of the Donbas residents themselves, of their so-called ignorance and lack of patriotism.

On the basis of these assumptions, the view of many regarding the pro-Russian population of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts is that “it isn’t worth fighting for them. Let them go to Russia,” “if they won’t come out in the street, then let them leave.” An additional “argument” is on the order of “the lizard gave up its tail and stayed alive.”

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