Rabbi of Donetsk says antisemitic leaflet is a provocation

Fragment of the leaflet distributed in Donetsk

Many people were shocked about the news that armed and masked men in Donetsk handed out leaflets wherein they ordered all Jews in the eastern Ukraine city of Donetsk to register with the pro-Russian separatists or face deportation, that was pasted near the local synagogue in Donetsk. Given that we do not live in Russia, where truth is obviously not the main concern, we wanted to find out what has happened. Now we contacted the office of Rabbi Pinchas Vishedski of Donetsk to ask him whether he could give us additional information on this event. Kindly his office gave us the following statement:

“Yes, we received it late evening on 15th of April. You can find the copy in attachment.

But this letter was a provocation and the man whose signature you can see on the letter, Denis Pushilin, totally disproved these words yesterday… He stated on TV that it wasn’t a letter from Donetsk Republic and they do not have any problems with Jews. Our local governance and Security Service of Ukraine will take care of this situation and will do everything to find the people who distributed these letters… and we trust them. It is safe here for all Jews.”

So, obviously those leaflets were not official statements. There is no immediate danger for the Jewish community in Donetsk. Continue reading


There is no Anti-Semitism in Ukraine

Monday, March, 24, 2014, 17:12. Russian Original Text by O Lemenov

Mosche Reuven Asman is the Chief Rabbi Hasidic Jews (Chabad – Lubavich Movement), Ukrainian Congress of Jewish Religious Communities.
Born in Leningrad, he lived in Israel after his marriage, and then worked as an assistant Rabbi of Toronto teaching Russian-speaking Jews. He then returned to Ukraine. He is extraordinarily intelligent, has personally met many politicians and is also acquainted with many successful business men and women in Ukraine and Russia.
During the course of the past few months Moshe Asman has commented on the absence of anti-Semitism in Ukraine, on lies regarding alleged aggression towards Jews as well as on a number of provocations that have been created to mislead the observers of Maidan movement regarding the true motivations behind the revolution in Ukraine.
In a conversation with Ukrainska Pravda, Moshe Asman shares his wisdom on life, conveyed with restraint and a willingness to share his thoughts. Recently Moshe Asman’s words were misinterpreted. Israel’s Haaretz published inflammatory information indicating that Moshe Asman called on all Jews to leave Kyiv.
We had an opportunity to speak to the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine on topics that touched both politics as well as society in the Capital building of Brodsky Synagogue, which he incidentally helped return to the Kyiv community.

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Russian TV host says Jews “brought the Holocaust around” themselves

7DAD6AA6-04B3-4D91-A604-65FF150E283C_w268_r1_cx55_cy18_cw40“Russia 24” TV Channel host Evelina Zakamska said that the Jews themselves “brought the Holocaust around”. The remark was made during the interview with a Russian writer Oleksandr Prokhanov.

The participants of the program touched upon the topic of the Euromaidan in Ukraine. In connection to this Prokhanov said on the air: “It’s surprising that Jewish and Russian organizations support Maidan. What are they doing? Don’t they understand that they are bringing around a second Holocaust with their own hands?” The host responded: “They were bringing around the first one in just the same way”. Continue reading

Hatred being incited towards Ukrainians in Russia

Roman Romanenko, a Ukrainian living in Vologda (Russia), has witnessed the following printouts distributed in all the apartments of his house. As a result of Russia’s ceaseless propaganda machine, many Russians believe that Ukrainians are out there to destroy Russia, while Crimea is under Russian occupation.


“A piece of scum from Lviv lives in your building, who supports the West in destroying Ukraine, like it was in Yugoslavia… Syria. What’s next, Russia???? His brother has been on the Maidan for a long time. “Pravy Sector” has declared a war on Russia — its method is a partisan war with the support of armed fighters from the Caucasus. Be careful, the apartment of Ukrainian-Jew Romanenko could become a conspiratorial apartment for the “Ukrainian patriots”!!!!   Continue reading

Right Sector assures Israeli Ambassador that they reject antisemitism

Image“Right sector” leaders have assured Reuven Din El, Israeli Ambassador, that they reject any signs of chauvinism and xenophobia in their ideology. This was discussed during the meeting in the embassy, according to the information on the official website on Thursday.

“The Israeli Ambassador in Ukraine, Reuven Din El, met with the heads of the “Right Sector” as well as with their leader, Dmytro Yarosh on February 26th 2014″, – states the announcement. The movement leaders informed the ambassador of their views on Ukraine’s future and emphasized that their movement adheres to tolerant positions in questions of nationalism. Yarosh also stressed that all negative phenomena, especially anti-semitism, will not only lack support from “Right Sector”, but will also be persecuted by all lawful means. He ensured that the movement aims to build a democratic Ukraine with transparency in governmental structures, mechanisms to counteract corruption, and equal opportunities for people of all nationalities, the union of which will make possible to build a national state governed by the people. The sides have agreed to create a “hot line” in order to avoid provocations and to find solutions for any further issues that may arise.  Continue reading

Appeal to the Jews of the World

9317b-000000000003/02/2014 Three times in the past month synagogue congregants were assaulted in Kyiv. Two of the attacks were unsuccessful and one of them resulted in injuries to a yeshiva student. Signature and circumstances of the assaults leave no doubt as to who might be responsible. Spontaneous outburst of aggression by “anti-Semites from the Maidan” is ruled out. For such a spontaneous outburst there is a nearby synagogue in downtown Kyiv. Today only the craziest of lunatics can deliberately plan such action from the Maidan. It would mean burying all hopes of aid from the West by one’s own hands. Yet, as for the other side … Firstly, the signature arrogance and sense of impunity. The congregants apprehended an individual who was casing the synagogue carefully sketching the routes of yeshiva students in his notebook. He absolutely unworriedly came along to the police station, where he had just disappeared. Secondly, the police have found no perpetrators, as they apparently have not been looking for any. This is a scene only too familiar in today’s Kyiv – the hired ruffians under police protection burn cars, smash store windows, attack passers-by and then disappear into the dark of night … The calculation is simple. Either Jews decide that they had fallen a victim of the “Benderites” and would demand that the government and international community put a stop to the turmoil on the Maidan, or realize that they had become a target of the government intimidation, and … the more so, would demand to shut down the Maidan just to avoid things getting even worse…

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Künstler Alexander Roitburd: Maidan und die jüdische Frage

Also, hier, wie angekündigt, der Text über meine jüdischen Empfindungen vom Maidan.

Ich habe gar keine jüdischen Empfindungen vom Maidan. Natürlich fühle ich mich auf dem Maidan als Jude. Aber ich fühle mich als Jude auch am Strand von Hawaii, auf dem Roten Platz, im Metropolitan-Museum und auf dem Markt „Priwos“ in Odessa. Ich spüre auf dem Maidan keine zusätzliche Bedrohung wegen meiner jüdischen Herkunft. Manche „Berufsjuden“ versuchen natürlich in der Weltpresse eine Kampagne über Antisemitismus auf dem Maidan aufzusetzen. Meine Expertenmeinung dazu: es gibt auf dem Maidan keinen Antisemitismus. Dort gibt es sicherlich Antisemiten, aber die gibt es nicht nur auf dem Maidan. Die gibt es überall: am Strand von Hawaii, auf dem Roten Platz, im Metropolitan-Museum und auf dem Markt „Priwos“ in Odessa. Continue reading

A Jewish man carried the captured President’s standard to Maidan

The captured President’s standard is being brought to the stage of Maidan

A religious Jew attending who attends Brodsky Central synagogue found himself in the thick of the seizure of Ukrainsky Dim (Ukrainian House) in Kyiv. Alongside Ukrainian radical Nationalists from “Right Sector” he took part in both the offensive on this important building on January 26, and in the negotiations that led to the non-violent departure of 200 of the Yanukovych bureaucracy’s militiamen. Continue reading

Anti-Semitism as a Weapon of Political Technology

Voices of Ukraine

Xenophobia and anti-Semitism

by Vyacheslav Likhachev
27.01.2014, Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, ANALYTICS

Translated by Uilleam Blacker
Source: http://eajc.org/page34/news42915.html

The Ukrainian political confrontation caused by the refusal of the government to take steps towards integration with the EU, and then the unprecedentedly cruel dissolution of peaceful protests, has reached its peak in January. At least five participants of the protests have been killed, hundreds, if not thousands of demonstrators have been wounded by the police and hooligans, while dozens of policemen have also been injured. The fact that there are among the protesters radical nationalists inclined towards violence, and that the authorities hire armed thugs to attach demonstrators – which has been proven numerous times and is no secret in Ukraine – creates the impression on the external observer of an uncontrolled, bloody chaos. Making any sense of the situation, separating rumours from facts and political technology fakes from reliable information is extremely…

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Jewish girl from Euromaidan: nationality plays no role here

VIDEO. There is a lot of gossip in the internet about the fact that “Right Sector” activists offend Jewish people. To find our what the Jews themselves have to say please watch the interview with this Jewish girl. This interview takes place at the tent where veterans of Afghan war made a hospital for injured activists.  Continue reading