An army of suppliers. Who is helping those on the front line and how

Anastasiya Ringis, UP.Life

Many social initiatives that emerged on Maidan are now successfully engaging in help for the Ukrainian army and the National Guard.

There are dozens, hundreds, and even thousands – within the scope of the country, – such groups. “UP.Life” chose several of the most well-known initiatives. Having made a joint effort – hundreds of volunteers and thousands of benefactors – they managed to transfer financial aid on a sum of more than 13 million Hryvnia. 

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The US and the NATO want to punish Russia – political expert

Kyiv – Taking the situation in Ukraine into account, the US and the NATO will enforce their military presence in Central and Eastern Europe, stated US President Barack Obama on Tuesday. The parliamentary majority sees this as a positive signal for Ukraine. Meanwhile political scientists say: this will not influence the situation in the East of Ukraine in any way; member countries of the NATO are only protecting themselves.

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Verkhovna Rada allows foreign militaries to train in Ukraine

1298323259_zapad-2009Saturday, April 5, 2014, 10:17

Parliament has authorized access to the military of other countries on the territory of Ukraine for military exercises in 2014. This decision was supported by 235 deputies. The bill will allow foreign Armed Forces to enter the territory of Ukraine to participate in military exercises in 2014. Continue reading



Oksana Chelysheva1978794_735547346465614_549977236_n

Colonel Yuliy Mamchur, Commander of Ukraine’s 204th Tactical Aviation Brigade stationed near Sevastopol, came to the world’s attention in the beginning of March this year.

After the Russian special task troops offered an ultimatum to surrender, Colonel Mamchur ordered his officers into formation and headed the column towards the Russian checkpoint. It happened on March 4th. The brigade’s two banners, one Soviet the other Ukrainian, were waving behind Col Mamchur who led the column. None of the Ukrainian officers was armed. Col Mamchur had followed the order they had received from the new government in Kyiv to not offer resistance in order to avoid provocations. The Soviet relic was of special significance to Col Mamchur, as it was the banner the aviation brigade has kept since the time of the World War II. Nevertheless, the first shots were fired by Russian troopers. They were fired into the air indenting to stop the marching column. But the pilots followed only Col. Mamchur’s commands who continued his “psychological attack”. The column stopped only when Col Mamchur gave the order. They were a few steps away from the Russian heavily armed troopers. 

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President’s Representative to resign due as authorities sit

Tuesday, March, 25, 2014, 10:57

‘UDAR’ National Deputy Serhiy Kunitsyn stated that he will resign from the post of the President’s Permanent Representative in the Crimea. He stated this during the ‘Shuster Live’ broadcast on Monday evening.

‘Today I have decided – I am resigning from the post of the President’s Representative. I am ashamed of all this’, said Kunitsyn. He criticized the lack of action from the Ukrainian authorities concerning the situation in the Crimea, stating that the country has every opportunity to react in a proper way.

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General Prosecutor’s office announces more false rumors being spread by Russian special services in Crimea

Recently, there have been several media reports about the alleged dissolution of Crimean Ukrainian Army units and instances of holding military personnel criminally liable for treason.

This is false information prepared in advance by the Russian special services in order to further destabilize the situation in Crimea and undermine the morale of the Ukrainian military, reports, citing an announcement by the General Prosecutor’s press service. Continue reading

Putin ante portas

1972372_719102314778562_1093838953_nThomas Theiner

Will Putin invade Eastern Ukraine? Difficult to tell. Many of us never expected him to invade Crimea, but he did. What next? Where to now? The flabby reaction of the EU and US to the faked poll in Crimea March 16 will certainly encourage Putin to continue raising the stakes. However, the number of troops deployed by Russia so far suggests that an invasion is implausible.

According to Ukrainian Defense Minister Tenyukh, 60,000 Russian troops have been deployed along Ukraine’s eastern border and another 22,000 in Crimea. While certainly able to invade Ukraine and occupy areas in Eastern and Southern Ukraine, 82,000 troops are hardly enough to conquer all of Ukraine or to garrison occupied areas. Continue reading

Kolomoysky’s example to oligarchs: fuelling the army

467647Monday, March 17, 2014, 22:02

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast governor Ihor Kolomoyskiy paid with his own money for the fuel needed by the military units of the Southern Operational Command. Kolomoysky’s deputy Boris Filatov reported about this at a press-conference on Friday, Interfax-Ukraine reported. Filatov didn’t specify the sum that Kolomoyskiy spent for the fuel but indicated that “these were colossal sums”.

The Commandant of Dnipropetrovsk National Defense Headquarters Yury Beresa told that Kolomoysky provided half of the fuel for all military units in the Southern Operational Command. “The military units of Dnipropetrovsk and Kherson oblasts are completely provisioned with fuel,” he added. Continue reading

Ukraine’s Parliament Announces Mobilization

489329Monday, March 17, 2014, 21:22

The Verkhovna Rada approved a decree of by Acting President Olexandr Turchynov on a partial mobilization. The decision was supported by 275 national deputies. By law, all oblasts were ordered to conduct a partial mobilization of those available military service. “Mobilizations in Crimea and the city of Sevastopol shall be carried out a number of citizens who voluntarily expressed their desire to be mobilized,” the law states. Continue reading

Head of the Russian Black Sea Fleet coastal troops gives Ukrainian Marines a deadline of 16 March to decide where they want to serve


Today in Kerch, the Commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet Coastal Troops gave the ‘Black Berets’ [members of the marine division of the Military Naval Forces of Ukraine] until March 16, 2014 to decide “where they are prepared to serve” and to file the appropriate reports, as  announced on the Facebook page of the head of the media center within the Ministry of Defence in Crimea, Vladyslav Selezniov.

“Sources in Kerch say that the Commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet Coastal Troops, Major-General Oleksandr Ostrykov, paid yet another visit to the Ukrainian marines today, on March 9, 2014,”  he said. Continue reading