Russian Lie Exposed: Children From Sloviansk Safely Reach Crimea

A train with children who were being evacuated to the international children’s camp Artek from Sloviansk and Donetsk has reached the Simferopol station.

This information was passed on to the Russian RIA News agency by a chief information officer of Artek Tatyana Grygorec. According to her, from here onwards the children will travel by bus. Subsequently, the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has stated that 210 children from Sloviansk have reached Artek.”

During the travel, the children were accompanied by the State Automobile Inspectorate staff, as well as parents who possessed a notarially certified permission from children’s parents to cross the border. They were taken to the train station by buses heading from Sloviansk to Debalceve (both in Donetsk oblast), and from there on they were put on board of a train heading to Crimea and passing through Melitopol (Zaporizhzhya Oblast). They had all the proper documents for traveling aboad. Right now the children are safe and sound and are staying at Artek.

Earlier on May 30, Russian media outlets reported that buses taking children from Sloviansk to Artek have been shelled by Ukrainian soldiers. The ATO’s administration have referred to this incident as to another lie spread by the Russian Federation.


Translated by Dasha Darchuk, edited by Alya Shandra

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