What Yatseniuk’s Cabinet of Ministers achieved in 100 days

The government has carried out the plans in regard to collaboration with the IMF. The least progress is in the social sphere. 

Arseniy Yatseniuk’s Cabinet of Ministers has passed the 100-day barrier, after which the moratorium on the criticism of the government’s work ends. But the majority of the experts surveyed by Forbes are not hasty to make use of this right now. Their verdict: under conditions of war, the Cabinet of Ministers has done everything possible, and it is at least naïve to demand reform, even those they had promised and those that are very relevant.  Continue reading

Ukrainian Diplomats Condemn Talk of Disintegration

ukr_diplomatsUkrainian diplomats have condemned all the statements about the possible split of the country made both within and outside of Ukraine, and have called for doing everything possible to stop the bloodshed. They released their statement on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Today, when the whole world is watching Ukraine, when our brothers and sisters are dying on the streets of Ukrainian cities, Ukrainian diplomats cannot stand by,” says the statement. “Under these circumstances, we consider giving fair and impartial information to the international community, as well as defending the interests of Ukraine, the Ukrainian people, and every Ukrainian citizen our most important mission.”

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Short history of Maidan by Andriy Chernikov


Ukraine is, perhaps, the first European country that pays a blood price for entering the EU. Real battles of protesters with police and internal troops are taking place in the central Kyiv now. During a week-long clash, protesters have been throwing Molotoff cocktails, bricks and fireworks. Special troops Berkut have replied with aiming fire towards activists and journalists (journalists were particularly targeted) using traumatic arms, often shooting into people’s heads and eyes. On January 22nd two persons died. Some people lost their eyes. That was the first blood shed in the Ukrainian revolution.

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