Appeals trial over detained activist to be held on Feb 5

For the attention of foreign journalists

Kyiv, February 3

Appeal court trial over detained activist Olexander Kravtsov will be conducted on February 5, at 12.20, in the premises of Kyiv Appeals Court (Apelatsiynyi sud mista Kyieva).

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“Glory to Berkut”? – Glory to everyone that hasn’t lost their conscience!

Olesia Mamchych, especially for Ukrainska Pravda Life

January 28th is my birthday. I’m 33 years old. I am a writer, I write poems for children and adults. I have two daughters, Ivanka, who is 7 years old, and Varvara, who is 3 years old. Galya Tkachuk, also a writer, is sitting here with me now. She recently published a book about Kyiv for kids called Tempori.

And guess what we’re doing now? Are we reading Galyna’s book? Are we baking a cake and decorating the room with flowers for a birthday party? Are we citing modern poetry?

Actually, Galya is consoling me after I was intimidated by an investigator, after I finally saw my lost car that had been totally destroyed by the Berkut. She is distracting me from the thoughts that my husband, my dear husband, Oleksandr Kravtsov, has been beaten and unfairly convicted and is now in Lukyanivskiy jail. Continue reading

Automaidan damaged but not crushed

Despite the arrests and disappearance of its members, “Avtomaidan” has become even more united. According to one of its leaders, Aleksey Grycenko, it can be incorporated into civil society. Well-organized and supportive 150 Avtomaidan members protect citizens on the streets from roving gangs, deliver and protect injured people to hospitals, drive deputies to the hot spots and assist with practical issues of Maidan everyday life.


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Dmytro Bulatov Found Tortured, Crucified, Ear Cut

Voices of Ukraine

Translated by Olia Knight  

One of the leaders of Automaidan, Dmytro Bulatov, who went missing on January 22, was found on the evening of January 30 in Vyshenky village in Boryspil district near Kyiv, reported by TSN.

According to Bulatov, strangers beat and tortured him, cut his ear off and even crucified him – he has puncture wounds on his hands.

The leader of Automaidan does not know who kidnapped him, but noted that men spoke with a Russian accent.  !_1391113629

After he was tortured for a long time, the Automaidan leader was taken and thrown out of a car. Bulatov walked around the village knocking on all doors until one of the natives let him in. Bulatov called his friends who picked him up and brought him to Kyiv.

“Batkivschyna” MP Yuriy Stets was the first to post information about Bulatov on his Facebook page.

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Why did AutoMaidan become the frontline of Ukraine’s civil protest?

Occupying and marching streets has long been a traditional way of public protest. But since the early days of Ukraine’s latest uprising, the foot-borne crowds on the central square received support from an extra arm which used a more inventive approach. Several hundred car owners united into an “Auto-Maidan” and started organising regular swift raids to stage rapid protest events outside the occupied squares.  Continue reading

Kangaroo Courts, Ukrainian-Style. Folk Heroes Become Hostages of the Regime


The  Obolon’ court of Kyiv in the night from Friday to Saturday, January 25th, arrested 14 Automaidan participants for two months, and two others were placed under house arrest, ТСН reports.

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Automaidan and the Berkut circus – the deception continues

The Ministry of Internal Affairs claims that Automaidan activists pursued and attacked Berkut troops. The ministry said that Automaidan activists had attacked Berkut in Kyiv on the night of January 23, and as a result, MIA workers detained around 20 “attackers”.

“Several cars began to pursue three buses with employees of Special Forces called “Berkut” on Kripostny Lane in Kyiv on January 23”, a report on the MIA website reads.

“The offenders blocked the movement of official vehicles and started to brutally vandalize the vehicles, striking them with baseball bats and attacking the militia officers,” said the report. According to Berkut, “the offenders threw stones at the officers, resulting in one Berkut officer suffering from a broken leg.”

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