Den Maidan überqueren

Roman Romaniuk, Freitag, 07. 02. 2014, 14:31

Jede Revolution, wie auch jede Bekämpfung der beliebigen Revolution, fängt mit der Teilung an. Von der Bestimmung der „unseren“ und der „euren“ und der Feststellung ihrer Kräfte hängt die Dauer der Auseinandersetzung ab, sowie ihr Ergebnis.

Vielleicht dauert der ukrainische Maidan so lange, weil seine Teilnehmer, die auf die Straßen spontan herausgeströmt sind, die Verteilung der Kräfte und folglich die Ebene der eventuellen Forderungen nicht eindeutig verstanden haben. Continue reading


Arrested Maidan Activist Tells a Shocking Story of Berkut Atrocities

I’ve been on trial for almost two weeks now as one of the ‘political’ cases, along with a lot of other people whose cases are being fabricated by the government in an attempt to prove to its electorate that all the dissidents who disagree with the pro-governmental politics are gangsters and garbage. However, this war of the government against its own people is a failure, both for the stupidity of their henchmen and the resolve of the true sons of Ukraine.

Being here in custody, I got acquainted with other ‘terrorists’ and ‘organizers of mass disorders.’ Their ‘criminal cases’ repeat themselves as if copied over by the same hand. People here are divided into the two groups: militants from Hrushevskiy Street and AutoMaidan.
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Where is your Bandera? Berkut beat and tortured a detained student.

Berkut (riot police) brutally beat a student captured during the confrontation on Hrushevskoho. The victim, a 17-year old student of Chernivetsky Economic College Mikhailo Niskoguz, talked about this with journalists on Thursday. This was broadcasted by Hromadske TV (